Bullet Journaling 101: 5 Spreads To Track Your Reading

Hey you guys and welcome to another post in my Bullet Journaling 101 series! Today I figured I would continue on from Wednesday’s post all about how to read more by showing you guys how you can use your bullet journals to both keep track of your reading but also motivate yourself to read more (if you’re anything like me) by creating different spreads and getting to use them actively!

In a surprising turn of events, I’ve actually been using my bullet journal a lot more this year and more importantly, consistently using it! I used to think that I had to set mine up the way everyone else does it which often resulted in me not actually doing much with the spreads I created because I didn’t need them. It’s only really been this year that I’ve cut down a lot on the spreads I create and use and it’s been a much better experience!

And the one thing I enjoy most is keeping track of my reading with different spreads in my journal. Right now, I have four spreads that I update regularly with the reading I have done so I’ll share those with you guys, but I’ll also share some I have seen other people use that I thought might be helpful too!

Books/Pages Read

One of the first spreads I set up for myself for 2018 was this one! I know Goodreads tells me all of these things too but I like having a record of this in my journal too. And since they are all just blank squares at the beginning of the year it’s so much fun to color them in as I read more and seeing the two pages become more colorful each month!

I didn’t think of this right away when I created my spreads, but I think it would be really fun to color in your squares with a dedicated color for each month of the year – that way you can check how much reading you got done each month instead of just your overall reading progress! That’s something I should keep in my for either 2019 or for when I get a new bullet journal and redraw these spreads!

Here’s a look at what these two pages look like in my actual journal (because I was too lazy to redraw them in the one I usually use to show you guys what I’m talking about):

If things go according to plan, I’ll run out of space on my Books Read spread as it only has room for 40 books and my goal is at least 50 – but that’s okay! I’ll either create a second spread to continue on or I might be in a new journal by then so I can create a different spread with enough space!

Page/Minute/Hour Tracker

I don’t personally use this spread for my own reading but I’ve seen quite a few people do it and I think it’s a fantastic spread! I think I mainly saw booksandlala do this for the pages she reads. But if you also really love using audiobooks, I feel like you can adapt this and make it into a minute and/or hour tracker which should be easier to update!

A fun twist you could put on this is to use a different color for each book you’re tracking within this tracker. This way you know how long it took you to finish any given book on top of knowing how much reading time you got in general!

I originally wanted to share two pictures here from Lala and Lotte on Instagram of their spreads for this, but they only shared them as an Instagram story so I’ll need you guys to check out their profiles in Instagram as they have them as part of their highlights!

Series Tracker

I think most of us enjoy reading (or binge reading) series but sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of a series because there are just too many books releasing at all times and you just never remember which series is getting a new book and more importantly: when.

This way, you always know how many books are in a series and more importantly how many you still get to read! Luckily, I don’t usually read too many different series at once (HA. I didn’t even realize how many series I was in the middle of until I created this spread and as we can see, I do in fact read a lot of series at once…) and know when to expect a new book (but that might be because I also blog about books and like knowing when things release) but that might not be true for everyone!

Unread Books

This spread I created towards the end of 2017 to make sure I had a visual representation of how many unread books are currently sitting on my shelves and to help motivate myself to read them as I would (once again) get to color in all the books I had read! You’ll see that there are three books already colored in and those are eARCs that I apparently thought needed to be colored in right away – don’t ask why. I have no idea. xD

This is definitely a spread you can use to keep track of the books you’re reading instead of the unread books you own too!

2018 Reading Goals

You might remember that I shared my 2018 reading goals in a post a couple of weeks ago and while I hadn’t planned on creating a spread for them at the time, I, later on, went back and created one because I enjoy getting to color in things way too much. But it’s also a fantastic way to show myself how much progress I’ve made (or not made) towards my reading goals and can help motivate me to step up reading wise!

This particular spread isn’t pretty in any way but I also never planned on actually showing it to anyone so there’s that. xD But I do love going back to it and updating it!

lets chat 1

How about you guys? Do you use anything to keep track of your reading? Do you use Goodreads or do you like keeping a record of it someplace else too? Let me know in the comments down below!

Those of you who bullet journal too, do you have spreads dedicated to your reading too? Or maybe even a separate notebook? Let me know in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling 101: 5 Spreads To Track Your Reading

  1. Swetlana nooo now I want to make a bullet journal for my reading 😂
    But seriously, these spreads are amazing and so inspiring 😍 I love all kinds of lists, stats, visual representation of what I’m reading, so your spreads are definitely my aesthetic! I do love keeping track of my reading online, but something about having it on paper is so satisfying! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaah, these are such cute and lovely spreads, Swetlana! I admit, I love the idea that bullet journals can offer so much organization in your life (and track goals! I love goals!!!), so I might just randomly make spreads just for my reading life. 😂 I of course love the spread about your reading goals, but I also love your series tracker as well! Great post. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh, I love these spreads!! I have a books read spread in my bullet journal as well, but it’s more of a list with all the titles and such rather than the number. Your spread is so much more colourful and cute! I love the pages read idea as well, I will definitely have to remember those the next time I set up my journal. Your reading goals page and series tracker are also so lovely!! This is so inspiring. Lovely post, Swetlana! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Analee! I actually have a list of all the books I read in 2017 in my journal as well because I was trying to figure out how much reading I did in 2017 in regards to pages so I did that. But yeah, I love getting to color in a new box every time I finish a book so it’s quite motivational to read more/quicker too.


  4. Holy crap, I wish I had seen this post when I first started my bullet journal because there are two spreads that I desperately need in my journal! I keep all of my tracking spreads at the beginning of the journal and I totally should have left some spare pages before diving straight into my monthly spreads :’) I guess I’ll just have to put these inbetween my March and April spreads now haha.

    One spread that I REALLY love is the series tracker!!! God, I’ve started so many series that I’m in the middle of and most of the time I don’t even remember which ones they are unless I randomly see them pop up on my Goodreads feed! I also have way too many series on my shelves that I want to start and possibly finish this year and I feel like that spread will help me immensely in remembering which series to start and/or continue reading! Brb I’m gonna draw this spread right away 😂

    I also really like the 2018 reading goals spread! I also wrote a general goals post for this year but there are quite a few reading goals that I’m trying to keep track of but I always forget what they are! I have a general 2018 goals spread in my journal already but I haven’t really filled in everything and I’ve just written the things down in a to-do list format. What I love about your spreads is that you’ve got these little boxes that you can tick off/colour in whenever you get one step closer to your goal! I think it’s definitely more rewarding if you can colour in 10 boxes (just as an example) for every new release you’ve read this year instead of just colouring in ONE box once you’ve read ALL 10 books. Do you know what I mean?? Haha this is definitely a spread I will put to good use!

    Thank you so much for sharing these, now I’m so inspired to improve my bullet journal! Awesome job Swetlana ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I wish I had your dedication to setting up a journal in an organized way! Mine is basically a MESS with all kinds of spreads thrown in whenever I thought of them. xD I may have to try a more organized approach when I get a new one once this one is all filled up. But you should absolutely add in whatever spread you feel like you need whenever you need them! So go for it! 😉

      Yeah, I saw someone mention how it’s more motivating and satisfying if you set up your goals in a way that allows you to tick off things as you work towards that BIG goal (say, read 50 books). Because this way you can SEE that you’re actually making progress towards that goal you set for yourself and you don’t have to wait until the very end to tick off a goal!

      Thank you, Jackie! And I hope you have a ton of fun setting up your new spreads! You should totally show them off some day! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. But being messy is WAY more fuuuuuun!!!! 😀 I’m just finishing up writing my blog post for next Friday (I’m amazed at myself for being so early with this haha), but then I’ll definitely work on my spreads! It’s always so relaxing for me tbh ❤ and I totally get what you mean! That's why I really love those last two spreads 🙂

        THANK YOUUUU!!! God so many people have told me to show my spreads so I might as well just include them in my Wrap Ups or a whole seperate post!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, that’s exactly what it is! I finished the book last night and I haven’t quite figured out what I want to say yet but it’s going to work out somehow. xD

            Oh no! 😦 I’ll miss your posts but if you need to take a hiatus that’s what you need to do! ❤


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