14 Easy Ways Support Authors

Hey you guys and welcome back to my little corner of the internet and today’s blog post! As you can tell by the title, we’ll be talking about all the ways that you can show support for the authors you love!

And to bring a bit of structure into these tips, we’ll separate them into three different phases: before the release, on release day and after the release. There are so many fantastic ways to show our appreciation for an author and it might get a bit overwhelming trying to remember them all and do them all, so I thought this might be easiest for all of us!

Before The Release

Add The Book On Goodreads

I feel like a lot of us readers probably use some sort of reading related platform, be it Goodreads or LovelyBooks (here in Germany) or any other platform that is used most where you are from, so the first step to showing your support can be to add an upcoming book to your TBR shelf! I can’t even tell you guys how many books I’ve added to my TBR after seeing that someone else added a book by an author I love to their TBR – sometimes I wasn’t even aware that the author was releasing a new book!

Include It In Anticipated Releases

No matter what platform you personally use to talk about your love for books and reading, you can always talk about how you wish you could control time so you can jump ahead a couple of months just so you can get your hands on that one book! Be part of the group of people that creates buzz around a release!

Requests ARCs

If you’re in a position where you get accepted for ARCs, try sending in a request for the books you’re excited about and (again) talk about your excitement for the book you want to request! I’ve seen friends share books they were super excited about which in turn made me add the book to Goodreads to make sure I remembered to check it out later!

Place Your Pre-Order

Often, I’ll see authors (especially the newer ones) get really excited whenever they see their book doing really well before it’s even been released, so if you can, make sure to place a pre-order for your most anticipated releases too! Show publishing what kind of books you want to see more of and support smaller bookstores whenever possible!

Tweet About The Book

This is something all of us can do (and I should do more often): tweet! It doesn’t cost us any money but it is going to spread the word to the people who follow us on Twitter. And I don’t think it matters if you have 50 followers or 500. In the end what is going to matter is the number of people who see your enthusiasm for a book and decide they want to get it too. And guess what, if 1 out of 50 and 1 of 500 adds that book, the 1 out of 50 made a bigger impact.

Place A Request At Your Local Library

If you’re not in a position to get a physical copy but have access to a great local library, make sure you request a copy of the book so they have it in stock on release date!

On Release Day

Buy A Copy (If You Can)

Now that the day is finally here and your anticipated release is out in the open: get your copy – if you can! We all know that books (especially new releases) can be expensive and not everyone is going to be able to buy that anticipated book on release date, and that’s okay! Don’t get down on yourself for it – there are many other ways you can show support and spread the word!

And make sure to buy the book on release date – if you see it at a store early, don’t get a copy just yet as it won’t count towards the sale numbers! Wouldn’t you want your money to make a statement if you’re going to spend it on a book?

Borrow From Your Local Library

Those of us who can’t buy the newest releases right away but have access to well-stocked libraries, make sure you borrow the book! This way you’re both showing support for your favorite author but also your local library – it’s a win-win! And if you can’t get your hands on a copy right away, try asking if they can get a second copy or have yourself be put on the waiting list. And while you wait:

Tweet About The Release

I’m sure you’ve all seen people tweet about book birthdays on Tuesdays all the time – why don’t we join them too? I know this is something I am particularly bad about. I will be tweeting about the book before and after, but I rarely talk about the books that are released on any given Tuesday.

Share Your Review

Don’t we all love a good review? If you were able to read the book early and have your review written on any platform, share it – but do not tag the author, please. I’ve often seen authors say they aren’t comfortable being tagged in reviews, so make sure the author you want to tag is okay with it. But other than that, go for it! Share your thoughts on the books you love with the world!

Congratulate The Author On Their Release

This kind of goes along with the previous point, but I feel like it’s really nice to tweet an author and wish them a happy release day! It’s not going to take much but I feel like it would be great to have people in your mentions who are pouring a ton of love all over you and the book you worked so, so hard on! Don’t we all appreciate that?

After Release

Post Your Review On Multiple Sites

This is something you could easily do on release day too, but you might be busy with everything else you already do, so why not take a different day after the release to share your review on various platforms? I’m sure there are people out there who don’t use Goodreads the way you and I might use it. Any popular bookstore where you live would be a good starting point for sharing your reviews and if your smaller bookstores have websites too and give you the option to leave reviews, do that too!

I recently got an email that asked me if I could share a review on various platforms for a book that had just released which made me realize that this is definitely something I need to do more often too.

Tweet/Share Your Thoughts

You’ve finally gotten your hands on a copy, you’ve read and loved it (hopefully) – so, now what? Talk about the book! In as much or little detail as you want! There is never a bad time to talk about a book you love – even if you read it months/years after it was originally released. That’s the beauty here, really. You can join this little chain of events at any given point and then just continue from there on out.

For example, I’m currently rereading the Ember Quartett by Sabaa Tahir to prepare myself for A Reaper At The Gates and you guys better believe me when I say that I will be talking about this series more and more as we get closer to the release of Reaper! Sabaa has been killing me with all those quotes she’s shared on Instagram and Twitter. And I need more people to read this series so I can yell at them about it! GUYS GET ON THIS, PLEASE.

Recommend The Books

Obviously, all of us want our favorite authors to do well with their books, right? So why not recommend that book you loved to everyone you know might enjoy it? For example, whenever I talk to Jackie about whatever (it doesn’t even have to about books) at the back of my head I can practically hear her telling me to read Shatter Me again. Or I’ll remember that I meant to add a book by Alice Oseman on Goodreads because I heard Jackie talk about it. Be that person for someone else!


I honestly believe that any show of support is better than none so even if you think what you’re doing is too little to really make a difference, think again, please! You do so much work as a reader/blogger/fangirl and it’s all important and I’m sure appreciated by the author you love!

And guess what I realized while I was writing this blog post? That I desperately need to step up my game and be more supportive of the authors I love and want more books from. Guess that’ll be something I have to work on for 2018 as well!

lets chat 1

How about you guys? How do you show support for the authors you love and do you find yourself doing it regularly or are you with me and need to step up your game a bit (or a lot, in my case)? What are your favorite ways to show support for authors and books? Let me know in the comments down below!

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18 thoughts on “14 Easy Ways Support Authors

  1. Great post, and a wonderful collection of ways to appreciate authors who maybe can change people’s lives, either in a small way or a larger way. I rarely ever pre-order books, but for authors I really love, I would not hesitate to! I know it really helps them financially and book sales wise.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You got me thinking about how much I can do to support authors. I can’t hug them but at least I can show my love and respect by creating some buzz. Another great post! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this! I definitely think posting reviews in multiple places is absolutely a huge crucial and so easy to do once that initial review is written anyway 🙂 Though this post is making me realize how much I need to get over myself and just log onto Twitter!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is such a great post Swetlana, and an amazing reminder to support authors whenever we can. I’m always trying my best to do so with my reviews, I don’t share them enough on retail websites though, I need to make an effort to do that more. I’m also trying to talk more about my current reads and the books I loved over on twitter… if that helps convince someone to pick the book up, I’ll be the happiest 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s a really great post, because it’s so important to support authors and show our appreciation 🙂 I love how you introduce different ways of support, some of them are possible if you don’t have money to buy the book or preorder this and I love that! Tweeting about the book, hyping it up and sharing the love is something that everyone can do, no matter if they have the money to buy their own copy right as it comes out 🙂 I definitely try to do that myself and buy the book if possible. Something I have to get better at is posting my Review to multiple sites though!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve recently discovered that posting reviews on Amazon is really helpful to authors! I think there’s a certain threshold (maybe 10-14 reviews) after which it affects the algorithm so you’re definitely right about that!
    Great post, we should definitely be supporting the authors we love in any way we can 🙂


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