3 Reasons To Post Reviews On Multiple Platforms

Afternoon you guys! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic (or at least okay?) week so far! For today’s post, I wanted to continue on from Saturday’s post where I talked about all of the ways we can support our favorite authors – divided into three different cycles, and one of the ways was to post our reviews on multiple platforms.

I figured if I try to tell you guys what you should be doing, at least I should back those claims up with some of their benefits, right? Which is exactly what this post is all about! Let’s get started before I turn this introduction into a rambling mess!

Not Everyone Reads Book Blogs

Of the people in my life that I know love to read, none of them follow book blogs – or even know about them, I would guess. And there are so, so many more people out there just like that. They may head to their usual online retailer and buy a book and only check the reviews on that one website and make their decision based on that.

Wouldn’t you want a book you absolutely loved to be represented that way on those online retailers too? And if you’ve already written your review it can be as easy as copying and pasting it onto other websites! Or you could write a shorter and more precise review for online retailers that tell a potential buyer WHY THEY NEED TO GET THEIR HANDS ON THIS PARTICULAR BOOK.

You Reach A Wider Audience

Not everyone is going to know about book bloggers and all of the work we do each day to maintain our little corners of the internet. But by sharing the reviews that we’ve worked hard on on multiple platforms we can reach a much wider audience than just the people who follow us on our main platform.

For example, I know that between Goodreads and my blog, I have a pretty wide audience because the crossover is pretty small. That’s why I always make sure to post a review I wrote for the blog over on Goodreads too. And I’ve made it a goal to post on retail sites too, to make sure I reach an even wider audience!

Sharing The Love On Multiple Platforms

You may not know this about me, but I am a fangirl (not to the degree I was a few years ago, but still) and I love, love, love talking about the things I love whenever and wherever I can! And that includes more than just my love of books! For example, I’ve gotten people into watching Shadowhunters because I just wouldn’t shut up about it for weeks/months on end on Twitter.

And that’s what you’re doing by sharing the love for the things you adore on multiple platforms too! I’m really active on Twitter and consume too much booktube content and whenever I see someone talk highly of something, you can bet on the fact that I’ll at least give the thing a try. Unless it’s the k-pop band BTS and you’re my friend Elvire trying to get me to check them out. I’m passed my boy band phase. My One Direction experience was more than enough. Thank you.

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How do you guys feel about posting your reviews on multiple platforms? Is it something that you always do or something that you often need to remind yourself to do? And what are some of the places you always leave a review? Let me know in the comments down below!

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10 thoughts on “3 Reasons To Post Reviews On Multiple Platforms

  1. I’m so glad that you decided to write this post! 🙂 I always post my Review on Goodreads as well, but I do have to get better to post them on retail sites as well, to reach even more people – after all I want everyone to read certain books and get all the hype for them 😄

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  2. Yes! This is so important for the book community! I know I’m coming at this more from an authors perspective, but reviews help SO much in garnering attention, and who doesn’t want their favorite book to get attention? I also know that some places like Amazon have a nasty habit of dealing reviews for no rhyme or reason, so posting your review in multiple places helps even more. Great post!

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  3. This is great insight. I considered for a while if I should cross-post my reviews to Goodreads as well but for some reason I always felt a bit reluctant. Maybe it’s time to take up the challenge 🙂

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