Blogging Struggles: Finding The Perfect Post Length

For today’s post, I wanted to talk about something that I find myself struggling with over and over again – especially when I’m writing a new post and can’t seem to find ‘enough’ words to write something that is worth posting (in my opinion): the perfect length for a blog post.

Usually, I have no problem writing posts that are on the longer side of things – I think my current average word count is around 1,000 words per post which used to feel like quite a lot but has quickly become the new normal for me. I am a talker and rambler in real life so it should come as no surprise that I tend to do both on the blog too.


But sometimes I’m having more trouble writing those posts because I run out of things I want to say which automatically leads me to wanting to just say something else to get closer to that average word count of a thousand words. But is that really what we should be doing? Shouldn’t we strive towards getting our points across in as many (or little) words as we need rather than trying to hit that goal?

I feel like discussions should be on the longer side of things because there’s more ground for us to cover and more points to make, right? But what happens if you don’t have that many points you can cover? And so you end up finding yourself way under your average word count and you feel like your post is missing Something. Not that you’ll actually be able to figure out what that Something is, but you just have that nagging feeling.

That’s pretty much how I am feeling right now, as I am trying to write a blog post and keep staring at that word count and try to find more things to say to get closer to those 1,000 words I usually write. But I can’t think of anything else to add (well, technically, I’m still going to add some resources for the post, but that’s not going to add too much to my word count) so what am I doing instead? I’m writing this post.


I’ve shared my blogging struggles with you guys before and I always find that you have fantastic advice to give and have had similar experiences in the past, so I figured by sharing my difficulties someone else might realise that they aren’t alone in their struggle with this and maybe you guys have some tips for me and everyone else who feels the same way!

There are types of posts that I usually have no problem writing and I’ll usually find myself trying to cut down because I don’t want things to get out of control and for you to see the post and think ‘Yeah, no. I’m not reading all of that.’ and leave. Because while I do write for myself, I obviously want you to read my posts too. And I try my best to be helpful in some shape or form. Not every post is going to be fit that criteria but that’s okay. And this one might not be all that helpful either – at least as far as what I have to offer but hopefully, the comment section is going to be a good resource for all of us!

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Something I’m asking you guys is, is there such a thing as the perfect length for a blog post? Or do you prefer varying lengths for various types of posts? I feel like lists and new releases often tend to be on the shorter side of things (unless it’s one of those months where there are fifty books dropping each Tuesday) while discussions and (for a lost of us) wrap-ups end up being on the longer side of things.

And how do you guys deal with feeling like your posts aren’t quite what you had in mind when you started out writing them? Do you just push them back a couple of days or do you go ahead and post them as planned? Let me know in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “Blogging Struggles: Finding The Perfect Post Length

  1. I usually just roll with it and stop whenever I feel like I don’t have anything to say hahaha. I’ve never really thought about an average post length, but my reviews usually are somewhat the same length!

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    1. Oh yeah, my reviews are usually around the same length too, or at least I try to aim for it. But I rarely find myself with any trouble with word count when writing reviews, those usually work out pretty well, especially because I have a structure for my reviews and I’ll always find at least something to say for each category.

      But I really like your approach to this matter, Dania! Maybe I should give that more of a try and not worry too much about reaching a certain word count! Thank you for your input!

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  2. I agree with Dania – I type until I’m all done with my thoughts. Like you, I’m a rambler so sometimes posts get really long! As a reader, as long as the post is engaging I’m with you until the end. The only thing that bugs me about long posts is I’ll have a comment about something in the middle and have to keep scrolling up and down to jot things in the comment box so I don’t forget! 😂

    How do you feel as a reader? Do you find yourself engaged may long posts? Short posts? Or does it depend? I think that’s a good guideline.

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    1. I feel pretty much the same as you, Amber! There are people who can have blog posts that are close to 2000 words and I find myself reading it like it’s no big deal but then sometimes there are posts that feel like they are SO much longer because I can’t really get into it? It’s kind of weird. And that is a fantastic tip to use as a guideline, thank you, Amber!

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  3. Post length can really vary for me- I recently wrote an extremely long post about a Star Wars short story collection and got a decent amount of likes and comments on it. But I got about the same amount of likes and comments when I wrote a short post about the tv series Stranger Things and admitted that writer’s block was preventing me from writing a longer post about it, despite loving the series. So long as you get your message across, length should not matter.

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  4. I feel this way only with discussion posts, because I worry that a 400-500 word post isn’t really a ‘discussion’, but I don’t try to increase the word count in case I lose track of what I’m trying to say. It’s rare for me to write a post and think that it’s too long so I don’t know how that feels 😛

    If I have an idea for a post and it turns out a little differently on page, I’ll either take more time to try and rework it, or I’ll simply mention in the post what I was originally trying to say in a few sentences. A couple of times I’ve gone and deleted the post entirely just out of frustration.

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    1. Ah, yes! I feel like discussion posts are usually where I struggle most too especially when I don’t plan them ahead of time! But then when someone else writes a shorter discussion post I always end up really appreciating it because I feel like it’s much easier to comment on and read the post! Don’t ask me why I don’t apply the same logic to my own posts, I have no answer. xD

      Since I’ve started my current blog plan and schedule, I often feel like I need to put up the post I had planned on the day I planned to put it up because otherwise, I lose momentum or something. Which is ridiculous – no one other than myself knows when a post is supposed to go up after all. xD

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  5. I used to have a lot of trouble with this. I could never come up with a lot to say in my posts, and I was worried that they were too short. But I always just posted them anyways, regardless of the length. Mostly because I always forget about posting and write them last minute, when I really don’t have time to rewrite a post to be the right length. And now my posts are more likely too long…

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    1. I’ve been doing that way too often recently again too and it’s really getting quite ridiculous. Especially once I got back into a serious reading mood where I would read every day this month which then pretty much lead to me not doing as much for the blog as I wanted to (and should be doing, if we’re being honest)!

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  6. I tend to start many blog drafts, and have a semi-plan about when I’m posting them. If a post isn’t going as I want, I’ll push it off until it’s easier to write.
    most of my posts are over 1,000 words, and it bothers me if I post something shorter. it feels like I’m missing something, or that there should be more. I enjoy reading longer posts, I feel like I’m actually getting to know the blogger & learning from longer posts.

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    1. That’s how I used to do it too and it definitely helped take off some of that stress that I will sometimes feel when it comes to writing posts, because I KNOW that there are other posts that are ready to go, I just haven’t been able to work on that backup of posts recently – maybe that’s where I should shift my priorities to soon!

      Oh and that is a great way of thinking of it, Elizabeth! 😀


  7. I totally get your struggle, as I tend to worry about if a post is too short or too long quite frequently 😅 Sometimes I feel like I have to make a post longer to contribute more content, especially with Reviews on my blog, but I do want to try to only write what I want to say – that however, can be a bit tricky too! When it comes to reading posts, I don’t mind longer post at all, I love reading all about a blogger’s opinion – what’s only important to me are dividers (is that what they are called? I mean those graphics like your blue points :D) to break up the text 🙂

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