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Hey you guys! πŸ™‚

For today’s post, I kept going back and forth on what I wanted it to be all about (I kept going back to a bullet journal related post, but I just can’t seem to write it) but then I saw Kate announce an Easter Readathon and I figured it would be the perfect thing to do this weekend as its a long one too and who doesn’t love a good readathon?

Obviously, I asked the lovely Caro @ bookcheshirecat if she wanted to participate too (because apparently, that has turned into my default reaction) and she is! Unfortunately, I read the information wrong or remembered it wrong because I thought it started Friday night at midnight when it actually started Thursday night. *facepalms*

But that’s alright too! I just decided to do the readathon from Friday night to Monday night as that’s still the Easter weekend for us here in Germany and that way, I still get the full three days to do the readathon. πŸ™‚

And this time around, I actually have a bit of a TBR too – unlike my usual approach to readathons. One is an eARC that releases on Thursday in the UK, the other is a reread via audiobook and then if I have more time/motivation I want to get started on another eARC so I have those crossed off my list and can go back to some physical German review copies. You’re probably wondering what those books are, right? So let me tell you!

I feel like it is no surprise that I will often leave my review copies to pretty much the last minute which happened with Akemi Dawn Bowman’s Starfish too as it has been sitting on my NetGalley shelf for quite a bit now and yet I still haven’t read it. But I’ve been excited about it for months now especially since so many of my friends have loved and raved about it before!

The next book on my list for this weekend is Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Boys! I got the audiobook for this the other day and loved theΒ sample so much that I can’t wait to experience this book in audio format for the first time! It’s no secret (I think) that I’m a big fan of The Raven Cycle and I feel like it’s been forever since I read this series last.

And lastly, for this weekend I want to try and get at least somewhat into Ashley Poston’s Geekerella! I feel like everyone was raving about this last summer when it first came out in the states and I was definitely influenced by the hype in wanting to read this book but I never really got around to it. And then I saw it up for request on NetGalley and knew I had to take a chance! And luckily I got approved pretty quickly!

So yeah, there we have it, the three books I would love to read this weekend! And I definitely think it should be doable to read all three books as they aren’t too long and I usually fly through my audiobooks too!

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Are any of you guys participating in the Easter Readathon this weekend? Or, if you didn’t know about it before – do you plan on participating now that you know about it? If so, let me know in the comments below and we can motivate each other on Twitter to read more and update each other on our reading progress!

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9 thoughts on “Easter Readathon TBR

  1. The Easter Readathon is such a great idea, I’m so glad that you asked me if I wanted to join 😍 Despite having time I didn’t use yesterday as much as I wanted to for reading, but today I want to get a lot more reading done πŸ˜„ I will also count Monday towards the Readathon, as that’s when I visit my relatives, which is always a bit boring, so I can distract myself with some reading πŸ˜€

    I loved Geekerella when I read it last year 😍😍😍 I hope you like it as well! πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m already wasting time again over here instead of doing some reading but I felt like I needed to get around to my comments already before I got too far behind and it would feel more daunting to reply to them so that’s what I did first. Maybe that’ll give me the calmness I need to actually start reading! But then again, I did put on the audiobook for The Raven Boys last night to help myself fall asleep but I honestly don’t remember ANYTHING of what I heard. I must have fallen asleep SO fast. xD

      Ah, I’m so happy to hear that! I definitely hope I’ll enjoy it too!

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      1. At least you are doing something productive πŸ˜… I’m wasting time on Twitter xD But I do need to get to comments too!
        Oh wow, maybe the book was really relaxing to listen too πŸ˜„ Having an audiobook for the Readathon is a pretty good idea!

        It’s definitely great with including fandom 😍 I’ll always love books about fandom β™₯

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    1. I remember when I first tried to read The Raven Boys I could not for the life of me get into the book! I actually ended up putting it down and then picked it back up a couple of months later and then FINALLY finished reading it – thank god, too! Because I absolutely love the Raven Cycle quartet!


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