Bullet Journaling 101: New Journal Set Up

Hey you guys and welcome to a new installment in my Bullet Journaling 101 series! I know it has been a little bit since I last shared a new post in this series but my inspiration just wasn’t flowing in that particular area of blog posts, so I decided to just give myself more time to come up with fun posts for all of us to enjoy!

While I was out shopping with my sister recently, I picked up a new journal (one where I didn’t like the cover but everything else seemed to fit my criteria for a bullet journal, so I DIYed it a bit – but more on that in a different post!) and over the Easter Weekend I set it up for myself to use.


I had asked on Twitter if people would want to see my overall set-up before I share my monthly set-up (as it might make more sense to see a journal as a whole) and the majority of people who voted, said yes! So here is my set-up for my current bullet journal! Hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

This particular journal is the second one I have set up for myself and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two in the process, but again: that’s for another post! I mean, we all want more bullet journal content, right?

One of the very first things I set up in this particular journal (also, should we count how many times I use the word journal in this post?) was my Index to help me find things in my journal – especially further down the line when collections are going to be mixed in with everything else. But you guys already saw the way I set up my Index in this post so I won’t share another picture.


Up next, I have a tracker for my 2018 Reading Goals – I figured the first two pages would be the perfect place for this year-long tracker as it is really easy to flip back to this way and it also summarizes parts of my upcoming spreads too. I basically kept the set up from my old journal but made it more structured and easy on the eyes! I’ve said this a bunch of times before, but I really love getting to color things in and seeing the progress I’ve made that way. It’s also really motivating to see how much of your goal you’ve already achieved! πŸ™‚

And since we just spoke about my reading goals, one of them is to read 25 books off my shelves that have been sitting there for quite a while now and I really need to get to them already. But to make sure that I know which exact books are currently on my shelves and unread, I created the spread down below. I had a similar one in my old journal too but I think I prefer the black and white look of this one and just the colored in spines for the books that I’ve actually already read.

Then, I also want to make sure I keep track of my followers on my blog, Twitter and Instagram (especially IG as I’ve been putting more effort into it lately and I want to see how it plays out) so I created a really simple spread that allows me to do that. And I didn’t want anything fancy with this. I just want to see the numbers and how they develop weekly.


Now! Oh, this spread is so beautiful to look at, you guys! I had a similar spread in my old journal too because I love seeing how much reading I’m doing overall in both books and pages. And for this particular journal, I decided to go with a color scheme when coloring in all those squares and god, do I love looking at this two-page spread and coloring it in! I can’t wait to see this page all filled in by the end of the year!

Up next, I decided that I needed to be a lot more organized about my ARCs because I am helpless and some of them have been sitting on my shelves for way too long and I need to get my s— together already and get them read sooner rather than later. And to help myself (hopefully) accomplish that, I created an ARC tracker that tells me when I got a book when it releases and if I’ve read it or not. And let me tell you, the fact that there are just three books currently marked as read really bothers me.

The last two spreads I’m going to share with you guys have nothing to do with reading and instead are supposed to show me when I did certain things for the last time. I can get pretty bad about washing my floors and windows or dusting. Yes, I know that’s bad. I am well aware, but since I want to improve on that, I figured having a Cleaning Log would be really helpful because I can see exactly when I did something for the last time which is then hopefully going to kick me in the butt and get me to do the thing more often!

Weirdly enough, while I still lived at home I enjoyed cleaning so much more??? Like, Saturday mornings would often be spent with some good loud music and my mom, myself and my sister all cleaning the house together. But now that I live on my own and have a significantly smaller space to clean? Yeah, I have no idea where that motivation went.

And the very last spread I want to share with you guys is my Self-Care Log! You might have seen me talk about this on Twitter in the past few weeks, but I’ve also made it a goal to pamper myself more often. I mean, we only have this one body right? Shouldn’t we take care of it the best way possible? And just like I did with my cleaning log, I set up a spread that is going to show me when I did something the last time (say, apply a facemask or use a body peeling, etc) and hopefully it’ll serve as a reminder to myself to take care of me and my body more often!

lets chat 1

Now, I know some of you guys are bullet journal lovers like myself, so I am super curious: What kind of spreads do you use year round? And do you see them more as an ‘I need to do Thing XYZ!’ or an ‘I haven’t done Thing XYZ in a while, I should change that.’ type of thing? Let me know in the comments down below!

For those of you guys who don’t really care about bullet journaling and still read these posts (which, thank you!) is there any way I can make these posts more fun for you too? Or is there something else you would like to see? I don’t want to eliminate part of my readers just because they might not be as into bullet journaling as me. Please let me know in the comments down below, I would love to hear from you!

Now, let me go back quickly and count how often I used the word journal in this post! The count is in and I’ve used it 16 times, plus the world journaling three times too. WOW, Swetlana. Wow.

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10 thoughts on “Bullet Journaling 101: New Journal Set Up

  1. Ahh I love your new setup! πŸ’— Your spreads look really great!! I have recently also aquired a journal to set up my bullet journal, because I have been so inspired by your post Series 😍 (idk when I’ll actually get around to setting up the bullet journal though πŸ˜…)

    Maybe I should do a Cleaning Log too because my cleaning motivation … is nonexistent πŸ˜‚ I really love that you made a Self-Care Log, I definitely need that as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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