Wrap Up: April 2018

Good morning, everyone and happy Monday! Or, is it a happy Monday? I guess some of you might be enjoying a day off today (I know both my parents have today off too because tomorrow is a national holiday here in Germany) so I hope you take full advantage of that! You know, maybe finish that book you keep meaning to read (*hints at self*) or just take a day to take care of yourself!

For today’s post, I wanted to wrap up all of the books I’ve read this past month and let me tell you guys something: April was such a good reading month? I read a total of 10 books and had an average rating of 3.875 stars – so basically 4 stars. And that’s AWESOME. Since this post is bound to get pretty long as it is, let’s just jump right in!

Books I Reviewed

As I’ve done for the past few wrap-ups, I’m going to refer you guys to the reviews of books I’ve already shared on the blog to save us all the trouble of having to read too much for a wrap-up, especially if it’s another good reading month.

starfish percy jackson 1 shatter me the raven boys

So, if you want to read more about my thoughts on Starfish click here and for my mini-reviews of Percy Jackson, Shatter Me and The Raven Boys click here!

 Books I Haven’t Reviewed (Yet)

geekerellaMy original plan was to read Geekerella during the Easter Readathon too but unfortunately, that didn’t happen! However, as you can see I did finish it this month after all!

As you might be able to tell by the title of the book, this was a Cinderella retelling – and that’s exactly what you got. Unfortunately, this also meant that there wasn’t much in terms of surprise elements to the story or anything like that. The second you start reading this book, you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Luckily, I didn’t mind that too much! I read Geekerella in a day and while I knew exactly what I should expect, I still had a good reading experience! And as was just announced, there’ll actually be a companion novel to this book in which we fellow Darien’s co-star Jess, called The Princess And The Fangirl!


son of the dawnHey, my name is Swetlana and just in case you didn’t know: I am obsessed with all things Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Now that you know this, it probably comes as absolutely no surprise to you that I jumped on reading this novella in no time (in fact, I read it on release day). We’ll be getting a new novella bind-up Ghosts Of The Shadow Market in 2019, but before that, we’ll get one of the novellas each month and you guys, I am SO excited for this? This one is about one of my all-time favorite characters in this universe: Brother Zacharia! And there’s honestly no such thing as too much about content about this character. Ever!

So yeah, as you can see by my rating I loved this book. Wholeheartedly! I teared up, I cried, I laughed and loved every second of it. I had similar-ish reactions to the mention of certain characters in Lord Of Shadows so I should have known what this book would put me through but I was still quite surprised! I, honest to god, cannot wait to read more stories each month. Can you believe our wait for Queen Of Air And Darkness has just been made so much better (or worse, if things continue on this level emotionally)?!?!


leah on the offbeatIn a very full circle type of situation, I got my wish granted to read Leah On The Offbeat early and I couldn’t have been more excited. You might’ve actually seen my immediate reaction to it on Twitter (spoiler if you didn’t: I kind of lost it).

Anyway, I don’t actually want to talk too much about this particular release because I will be sharing a review next Monday (I know I had originally planned to post it earlier, but the publisher send out an email asking us to wait until after the UK release) but just take a look at my rating or check out any of my social media – I haven’t been able to shut up about this book for days now – that’s how much I loved it. So yes, you absolutely should get your hands on this!


radio silenceIf any of you guys follow me on Twitter, you may or may not have seen me fangirl over Alice Oseman recently.

I basically blame Jackie for introducing me to this author and making me want to inhale all her books – especially her upcoming book I Was Born For This which literally sounds like it was written in parts for me. Alice has shared the first two chapters of her upcoming book on her YouTube channel, so PLEASE check them out and if you can, pre-order yourself a copy! I know I’m impatiently waiting for my copy to ship (update: IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED)!

But! That’s not even what we’re here to talk about, is it? But it’s related to this book because after I heard the narrators for Alice’s upcoming book I knew I wanted to check out her previous books in audiobook format too (especially this one as it has the same female narrator), so that’s exactly what I did!

And you guys. You guys. You know how sometimes you just want a nice and fluffy contemporary to read? Yeah, that’s what I thought this would be but it turned out to be so much darker and heavier in the subjects it covered but I loved it so much more for it. Please, if you go into this book make sure you check for trigger warnings online!

Something I’ve seen Alice do is integrate diversity into her books just as naturally as it is in our everyday life! Radio Silence features Frances, a bisexual British/Ethiopian female character, Aled a who is demisexual (and it’s actually on the page. And discussed) and Daniel who is a gay South Korean immigrant. There are many more characters in this book that have a diverse background but these are the three that we spent the most time with, so I thought I would include them!

Honestly, if you like your contemporary a bit more heavy hitting – this might be what you’re looking for! Plus, if you like exploring fandom and its relationship to the celebrity – this book covers that too! And it does it well too, in my opinion!


a torch against the nightThe next book I finished was a buddy read with Lia and also a reread for me in order to get myself ready for the release of A Reaper At The Gates by Sabaa Tahir! But I don’t want to actually talk about this book too much here because I was thinking of doing a separate post on why you guys should read this series in the next few weeks! I just wish the UK publisher had responded to my email about an ARC because then I could yell at you guys even more and try to make you read these books – but that never happened.

Just know that I really love this series so far and I am impatiently waiting for Reaper because I just need to know what happens next. This particular book went places I did not expect and I am somewhat afraid to see where else Sabaa is going to take us with this upcoming book!


Now, if you’ve read this post and counted the books, you might have realized that I only talked about 9 books even though I said I finished 10. There’s a reason for that and I’ll probably talk more about this in my May wrap-up, just know that I did finish another book.

lets chat 1

So, we’ve talked all about the books I read this past month but I also really want to know what you guys have read in April! So, down in the comments please let me know if you’re happy with your own reading month, what your favorite reads were and if there was something you didn’t end up enjoying as much as you had hoped?

Did you get to read any highly anticipated releases for April? Or are there about a hundred on your list for May? I’m already wondering how I’m going to read all those May releases I’m freaking out about (one of which has already been shipped and I CANNOT wait) on top of any other books that might spark my interest! I mean, I’m still not caught up on those Fall 2017 releases. xD

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21 thoughts on “Wrap Up: April 2018

  1. Wow, Radio Silence sounds so. good. So much diversity that I had no idea was in there! I’ll definitely have to check it out. Glad April was such a great reading month! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you read so many good books this month! I loved Leah on the Offbeat! I loved Radio Silence! I was completely and utterly destroyed by Son of the Dawn! They were all SO good!

    Liked by 1 person

    Sorry. I had to scream about this, I just love Radio Silence, I was Born For This and Alice Oseman’s books in general so much. She is a brilliant contemporary writer and I am so happy you’re reading her books, I hope you’ll pick up Solitaire as well, it’s her debut and it was so good, too, even if my favorite is I Was Born For this 🙂
    So glad you enjoyed A Torch Against The Night as well! I need to read it, I have read the first book and really enjoyed it, I can’t wait to see what happens next 😀
    I hope that May will be as great in terms of reading than this month was! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person


      I definitely can see myself picking up Solitaire down the line too, especially if I end up loving I Was Born For This as much as I expect to! 🙂

      Thank you, Marie! I hope so too. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You got through some great books this month. 🙂 Oh I managed to get an ARC of Leah on the Offbeat as well and I was so so excited! I bumped my re-read of Simon Vs up my TBR list and it was the perfect month to read both books because I finally got around to seeing the Love, Simon movie in April as well. 😀
    But yeah, overall a great book, and I’m glad you enjoyed Geekerella and your re-read of A Torch Against the Night. I need to re-read that series before the third book is released but there’s so much on my to-read list that I don’t know when I’ll even be able to get around to it. One day for sure.
    Anyways, great recap, and I hope you have a great May as well. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll probably be rereading Simon VS again soon too (for the fifth time… I’ve apparently lost all chill when it comes to that book) because the movie releases here sometime next month and I NEED to watch it. How was the movie? Did you enjoy it?

      Hahaha, that’s basically how I’ve been feeling lately too! I keep wanting to reread previous books in series to be all prepared for the new books to come out but then there are also allllll of these new releases that I want/need to read too? How is one supposed to do that? Publishing needs to relax for a second. xD

      Thank you, Beth! I hope you have a great May as well! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When you love a book there is no such thing as too many times to re-read it. Oh the movie is amazing, I’m sure you’ll love it and it will definitely be worth the wait you’ve had to endure until it’s release date. 🙂
        I would say I agree with you there but there are so many amazing books being released I just want to have them in my hands that little bit sooner! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Gah, April was a really bad reading month for me. I only read 4 books and my highest rating was, I think 3.5 or 3. :/ I’m sorry you didn’t LOVE Percy Jackson (it’s my favorite series of ALL TIME), but I’m so happy you loved Leah!!! I can’t wait to pick it up for myself. ♥

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t often LOVE first books in any series I read, so that’s alright! I’m still really interested in the rest of the series and since the books are available at my local library, I hope to read them all in the next couple of weeks/months! 🙂

      Do you know when you’ll be able to pick up Leah?


  6. (Is it ever a happy Monday though?? That’s the real question xD)

    You truly had an amazing reading month!! I keep hearing so much about Alice Oseman almost daily, it’s a conspiracy to make me read her books 😂 (my library has one of her books, but it’s Solitaire I think)
    And of course I’m beyond excited for your Leah on the Offbeat Review! I might post mine next Wednesday, if things work out? I definitely read it (in one sitting, like you do) and loved it! My rating is the same as yours 🙂

    My faves this month? CRESS, The Nowhere Girls and Saints and Misfits! Two contemporaries, oh my that’s a surprise 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES, YES IT IS CARO. And oh my god, please read Alice Oseman??? I’ve now read two out of her three books and they are really good! I’ll hopefully get my review up by Monday with more coherent thoughts and stuff, but I can definitely highly recommend I Was Born For This but also Radio Silence! And if you like your contemporaries a bit more hard hitting – Alice Oseman is EXACTLY what you should pick up!!!

      AH YES CRESS!!! I still haven’t continued with my reread because there are just way too many books I want to read right now that certain rereads have to take a backseat!


  7. I have heard so much about her now I need to read more by her!! My library only has Solitaire, so I’ll start with that, but I will get to the other books as well to see what all the praise is about! ♥

    I feel you, I want to read ALL the things but there’s simply not enough time 😫

    Liked by 1 person

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