Things I’ve Been Loving: Number 1

As I’m writing this post, it’s actually almost 10pm and I keep going back and forth between what I want to write for the blog so I decided to talk about a few things I’ve been loving recently – as the title suggests.

I know I always like hearing about what people love because it often gives us another look at them as a person so I figured I’d share some things that aren’t book related that I really enjoy – especially because I’ve kind of been talking about them quite a bit on my social media recently, so why not bring it over here too as I’m sure a good number of you guys don’t follow me outside of my blog (which you should, btw! πŸ˜‰ ).

And if you guys enjoy these types of posts, I thought it might be fun to bring them around from time to time or whenever I have something new I need to tell you guys about hoping you’ll fall madly in love with it too. If that’s something you’d be interested in, please let me know! πŸ™‚

Queer Eye


A couple of weeks ago I randomly decided to watch the pilot of the new Queer Eye on Netflix and before I knew what was happening, I had watched the entire first season and didn’t know what to do with myself because I wanted and needed more episodes.

I don’t always fall in love with a show this quickly but when I do, I fall hard. As in, I want to be BFFs with the cast and follow them on social media, etc. In this particular case, I wish I was able to get the Fab 5 to help me be the best version of myself that I can be. Get some tips on fashion and food, get a bit of a makeover for my place and some tips and tricks for my hair and skin. You know, just spruce things up so I can put my best foot forward and all that.

The cast is absolutely loveable. I very, very quickly got attached to Antoni and basically want him as my friend now. And since the second season comes out this weekend, the cast has been doing quite a bit of press and I’ve been binge watching all their interviews and I think I fell in love with them even more?


Just seeing all five of them be so comfortable with each other and each other’s space. That’s something I want too. I’m already super looking forward to season 2 and I can see myself tearing up more often than not – the first episode features Antoni crying and I don’t know how I’m supposed to watch that without bursting into tears myself. I love him too much.

If you haven’t seen the first season yet, please watch it! It’s super fun and the guys they make over are so loveable and awesome and precious! I keep rewatching random episodes here and there because I can’t wait for new episodes.

Lucy Jane Wood

To be honest, I can’t even tell you guys how or why one of Lucy’s videos was recommended to me on YouTube but I’m so freaking glad that it was because I already adore her, her attitude towards body image and how body-positive she is.

I’ve often come across girls on YouTube that were either on the skinny side of things or on the bigger side of things – what I was missing was that middle ground that was more along the lines of what my body looks like. That’s not to say that I couldn’t relate to the bigger girls and what they were doing (because I could and I wish I was just half as confident as they are) but I also wanted to see my body type reflected back to me and see the kinds of clothes that would look good on me and my body.

And that’s exactly where Lucy comes in for me. We have quite similar bodies and just seeing her dress confidently no matter what someone else might say or think gives me that little push each time to be braver too. It also motivates me to think differently about my own body and the way I dress it for the hot summer days.


I’m often worried about what someone else might think when I wear shorts and you can see my thighs and how they move because they aren’t firm, etc. But then to have someone tell you that it doesn’t matter what person XY on the street thinks over and over again is awesome and hopefully that’ll stick.

Change isn’t going to happen overnight, I know. But that’s where subscribing to someone who is body-positive comes into play. The way they talk and act is hopefully going to stick with you and give you that little boost that you might have needed to wear those shorts or that top or whatever else you might be worried about wearing – or doing.

Lucy also talked about surrounding yourself with people of various shapes and sizes on your social media which is something I am currently trying to do more. Because seeing those people be their true and authentic selves is hopefully going to give me that little boost of motivation and confidence to be my authentic self too and to walk through life with my head held high.



I think most of you guys have probably heard of this show but I don’t think I’ve talked about it and my love for it on the blog before (or I did, but I’ve deleted the post since). This past week, the series finale of Sense8 streamed on Netflix and to prepare myself for it, I binged two seasons within 5 days.

We all know how much I suck at remembering things that happened in previous books in any given series and it’s no different with new seasons of shows, for the most part. And since this was the series finale, I wanted to make sure that all the events were fresh in my head before diving into it. And my god.

I cried. I laughed. And cried a lot more but most importantly: I loved this show and the experience of watching it again. The characters are all fantastic and I can’t believe I won’t get to follow them on new adventures anymore (but also: THANK GOD THEY CAN’T BE PUT THROUGH MORE HURT).


The funniest thing to me is that I almost wouldn’t have watched this show? When it first dropped on Netflix it was so hyped that I was like ‘I am not watching this. Ever.’ and then one night, at like 1am I decided to give the pilot a chance. I mean, can’t hurt right? HA. It hurt my sleep that night because I stayed up until like 6 or 7am binging as many episodes as I could before continuing on once I woke up a couple of hours later.

Sense8 was such a fantastic and important show for so many people across the world and I’m forever sad that it’s over but also so grateful for the characters and stories it introduced me to.

Grab Your Coffee And Let's Talk!

How about you guys? What are some of the things you’ve enjoyed recently? Any fun new shows or YouTubers you’ve discovered? And if you’re familiar with any of the three things I talked about – talk to me about how you feel about them! I can’t wait to hear from you guys in the comments down below!

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9 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Loving: Number 1

  1. I just like… haven’t been into anything but books lately…
    I did find Hayley Kiyoko’s music recently, and have been listening to it on repeat while I read…
    But other than that it’s just been books, and friends, and spending far too much time online.
    Oh and also I’ve been obsessed with twitter… I got a twitter account yesterday, and I don’t think I’ve done anything else since… Oops.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Queer Eye ❀ I pretty much did the same – my friend told to me watch the first episode and the next thing I knew I'd overtaken her and binge watched the whole series. Sometimes when I put my perfume on I spray, delay and walk away.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s usually my experience too! xD Like, ‘hey! lets watch this together’ and next thing I know, I’m already all caught up!

      I hadn’t even heard of that saying until very recently! I’ve been catching up on SO many of the interviews the cast did before season 1 and the more recent ones and I am LOVING it.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I would definitely love to hear all about your favorite non-bookish things, as I’m always curious about that! 😍
    Oh I’ve been wanting to watch Queer Eye ever since so many people started talking about it, but I’m not sure if I have the time with exams coming up, but definitely during my summer break! I also … have not watched Sense8, so that’s on the list too πŸ˜„
    I’m also very happy that Lucy’s videos could help you feel represented and be a motivation for you! πŸ’—

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay, I’m so happy to hear that! I definitely plan on carrying on these types of posts in the future. πŸ™‚

      Queer Eye is such a fantastic show to just relax! So maybe you can watch it before bed or something? To tune down from all that studying you’ve been doing! πŸ™‚ I can definitely recommend doing it that way and hopefully, you’ll fall in love with this show just as much as I have!

      Liked by 2 people

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