Wrap Up: June 2018

Good morning and happy Monday you guys! It’s a new week and almost more importantly: a new month too. We’re actually already halfway through 2018 and it’s kind of a bit mind-boggling how quickly this year goes by! And as per usual, with the beginning of a new month, it’s time to talk about the books I managed to read the previous months.

Surprisingly, I really didn’t get a lot of reading done during the month of June? But! I managed two read two new releases which is always fun because that means I am not falling too far behind. Hooray! Without any further ado, here are the books I read during the month of June!

reviewed books

As always, I’ll start my wrap up with books I’ve previously reviewed on the blog to make it easier and quicker for all of us! If you’re interested in hearing my thoughts on the books shown here, please click on the image to be directed to their respective review!noteworthy

unreviewed books
a reaper at the gatesThe time had finally come when I was able to continue reading the Ember Quartett and you guys it was so worth the wait!

But since A Reaper At The Gates is the third book in the series, I obviously can’t tell you guys anything because I would be spoiling you and no one wants that.

Just know that I love this series and these characters but also, I need Sabaa to please take it down a notch and not hurt Elias and Laia quite so much. Honestly. I’m so glad the series is going to be over with the next book because at least the characters won’t be put through hell anymore after. God knows, what Sabaa has in store for us with the final book (I’m still betting that at least one of our POV characters doesn’t make it out alive) so I might as well be eating my words around this time next year and you’ll all be allowed to laugh at me!

Now, I obviously want you guys to read this series too (and if you aren’t yet – WHAT. WHY) so here are a few things to look forward to with these books:

  • Elias and Laia are such fantastic characters to go on these journeys with. Elias is especially fascinating to me. He grew up in this brutal military academy but he refuses to be that person. He is still good. He fights for his humanity to the very end and I love it.
  • Laia though. My god. She gets thrown into this brutal world overnight and she learns how to navigate her way through it. Her strength and resilience is something else entirely.
  • The continuously broadened world and everything that comes with it. We’re shown small glimpses in the first book but we really branch out in books two and three and I am loving it!

There’s more but apparently, I’m struggling to find the right words today? One thing I do want and need to mention is that this world is brutal. People die. Often. Violence is something that plays a big role, especially when the Commandant is present (god, I hate this woman with a burning passion) and rape is threatened and attempted at one point in book one.

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born a crimeEveryone, I finally did it. I finally read (or more accurately: listened to) Born A Crime!!!

I’ve basically been meaning to read this book for over a year now but for some reason I just never did it. And I honestly want to give myself a talk about this because this book was so good? I was first introduced to Trevor Noah leading up to the US election in 2016 and basically watched every interview he did for months. His story was such an interesting one and the way he talked about it always fascinated me so I knew I had to read this book at some point.

I love that Trevor Noah basically wrote this book the same way he always expresses himself on air and during interviews and since he’s the one narrating the audiobook it was just like watching him during an interview where he tells his life story.

Hearing him talk about his life growing up in a country during apartheid and how that affected him and his parents, hearing more about his childhood and how he slowly made his way into what he does today, hearing about what his life was like with his stepfather and more, it really gives you this insight into him that you don’t get from just watching him on air – even though he shares quite a bit of it there too.

I recently heard that he’s writing a second book about his adult life and I cannot wait! This was such a good book to read as an introduction to what a memoir can be that it has made me curious about others too!

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flame in the mistYou guys. I’m so disappointed right now. I had been so looking forward to this book and I was really hoping I’d love it a lot, especially considering that I really liked the first book. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen at all. I started feeling pretty ‘meh’ about Smoke In The Sun at around the halfway point and things just continued down that line for the rest of the book too.

I didn’t even find myself rooting for either of the characters or the relationships? And one particular relationship was what really got me invested in this story in the first place? This was such a frustrating reading experience in the end. xD

But, I still very much enjoyed Renée’s writing style, so I’ll probably check out whatever other books she releases in the future – or I’ll go back to her previous duology while I wait because people seem to really enjoy that relationship dynamic too!

Grab Your Coffee And Let's Talk!

As always, I want to know what you guys got up to this month – both reading-related and life-related! What was your highlight of June? What were the best and the worst book you read this past month? Also, how are you guys doing with your reading challenges? Are you staying on track? Or are you done with it already? Let me know down in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Wrap Up: June 2018

  1. Swetlana,
    I have not read Reaper at the Gate yet. However, I also agree that the Commandant is frustrating. She reminds me of an aggressive Umbridge. Helene is in a gross position. It’s all very complicated and heartbreaking. I love these books so much.

    My brother is a huge Trevor Noah fan. Perhaps his book could be a fun birthday gift for him.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I pretty much did nothing productive this June, and yet I somehow also managed to read less this month than I have all year. So I’m really unimpressed with myself.

    But I read some really good books at least… Particularly A Thousand Perfect Notes, which I cannot shut up about, and also The Abyss Surrounds Us, which is really sadly underrated, and really amazing!

    I also really want to read both An Ember in the Ashes and Flame in the Mist…! I’ll get to them… someday… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so glad you loved A Reaper at the Gates Swetlana. I started the Ember Quartet a little while ago and really really enjoyed it, but then considering the wait between book two and book three it kind of fell off my radar a little. I’ve pretty much heard nothing but amazing things about this third book so I really need to re-read the first two so I can get around to this one ASAP.
    Although just from what you’ve said I’m already worried about Laia and Elias, they’ve already been through so much just in the two books I’ve read. What more can happen to them?!
    Also I’m sorry Smoke in the Sun didn’t live up to your expectations. I enjoyed it but I don’t know if it was quite what I’d hoped you know? I’d still definitely recommend her previous duology, that’s actually a favourite of mine. 🙂
    Great post, and happy reading for July as well. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I honestly remembered barely anything of what happened in the first two books either and things only started to slowly come back to me as I was rereading the books. xD The wait was definitely quite long though and with how many books we all read I think it’s near impossible to remember it all! And you should absolutely continue on with this series – I really hope we won’t have to wait too long for book 4 though!

      Oh, I’m definitely going to give her previous duology a chance still! I really enjoy Renée’s writing and I loved the Okami and Mariko character dynamic so I’m hoping she’ll draw me in with both of those things with her other duology too!

      Thank you! Happy reading to you too! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s just been so long since book two was released right?! Well fingers crossed. I’m wondering if I should wait until there’s more news of when book four will be released before re-reading the series and started this one, I dunno.
        That’s great to hear, and hopefully overall you’ll enjoy her Wrath and the Dawn duology more than this one considering it was a let down at the end. 🙂
        That’s all right, and thanks Swetlana. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh it’s always great when you get to read two new releases 👍 I did A LOT of rereading in June, which worked fine for me as it’s great to reread favorite books for me 😍 I also read Renegades and adore it, so now I’ll wait for Sandra and you to read it, so we scream about it together 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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