5 Types Of Readers // You Know Them, Admire Them or ARE Them!

I feel like most of us readers can agree that there are various types of readers out there, right? Our lives are all different so our circumstances are going to be different too which is going to reflect in our Reader Type too. Most of us have probably also switched between at least two of these types depending on where we are in life at the moment.

So, for today’s post, I figured we would take a super serious look at these different reader types and see how many of them reflect(ed) us – sound fun?

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Reader Type #1: The ‘Lets Inhale This Book’ Reader

This, genuinely, might be the most me out of the five types we’re going to be talking about today. I tend to binge things – movies, tv shows, YouTube and obviously books. And as far as books are concerned, it can be a single book or an entire series – I’ve done both in the past. Now, what are some aspects to look out for to identify this particular reader type? Glad you asked!

  • inhaling books and/or series in as little time as possible
  • shut off any contact while in the middle of a binge read
  • on a constant mission to invent ways to continue reading at all times
  • everything that isn’t reading has to be done as quickly as possible
  • forgets to eat while binge reading – bring them food and they’ll love you forever
  • caffeinated drinks are their way of life

If you know me, you might’ve been nodding along to some of these aspects and if not, just trust me on this. Most of the time, I’m the Binge Reader. xD

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Reader Type #2: The ‘Who Needs Sleep’ Reader

Here we have another reader type that I can relate to quite a lot. I’m a night owl through and through, always have been. I’m the most productive the further into the night we get. I just wish I could still work on about 6 hours of sleep as I used to in my late teens. But nope, I need a minimum of 8 hours. Here are some ways to identify this reader:

  • gets most of their reading done at night (SHOCKER, I know)
  • doesn’t know when to stop reading for the night
  • is tired 95% of the time
  • has to have a lot of fresh air during the day to stay awake, will open the windows even when it’s really cold out
  • has a big collection of pretty mugs to drink all those caffeinated drinks that will keep them going through the night

Should I tell you guys a quick story? During my high school days, whenever I was tired due to lack of sleep (that’s post my ‘6hrs are enough sleep’ days) I would often have a small energy drink on my table in class AND I’d open the windows. I didn’t care that we were in the middle of December and it was cold. I needed that fresh air to stay awake. People caught on pretty quickly and whenever I’d open the window next to me in class people would be like ‘Oh, Swetlana is tired!’. The things I was known for in high school.

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Reader Type #3: The ‘Shit Did I Miss My Stop’ Reader

Honestly, back when I regularly took public transport (to get to school), I wasn’t really reading and the only way I’d risk missing my stop was by falling asleep but this post isn’t about just my experiences, right? So, how do you spot this reader out in the open?

  • it’s the person reading their book on public transport
  • they’re so sucked into their book, they don’t notice anything going on around them
  • they’ll look up in a slight panic every now and then, checking what stop their at
  • don’t close their book until they absolutely have to

WAIT. I just realized that I was, in fact, this reader just a few years ago but I wasn’t reading for fun – I was reading study notes on the bus. xD I would always take every last minute leading up to a test to study/revise as much as I possibly could – I know some people can’t do it as it makes them more nervous, but I’ve luckily never had a problem with it. I’d actually often end up needing some of the information that was discussed around me just before the test!

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Reader Type #4: The ‘It’s The Effing Weekend!!!’ Reader

Everyone who has work or school during the week might be able to relate to this particular reader as it’s exactly when they get a ton of their reading done as well. But then again, anyone in school is probably ready to yell at me that they don’t even get the weekends to read because they’ve got so much studying to do – and I get you. Honestly, some years I got barely anything read because school just wouldn’t leave me enough time. Nonetheless, here’s how you can spot this particular reader!

  • always counting down to the weekend
  • ignores the outside world to get some reading done and recharge their batteries
  • might not appreciate you swooping in and messing up their plans (unless you’re a tiny human and too cute to say no to)
  • shows up Monday morning really tired but also kind of recharged

I feel like one of the most common things for my weekends is that I’ll plan to stay in my apartment and get as much reading done as I can, right? And then OOPS. YouTube. Netflix. My sister and family come to visit our parents (and I am not strong enough to say NO to hanging out with my nephews) and before I know it, the weekend is over and I haven’t actually gotten any reading done. It’s ridiculous but also true.

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Reader Type #5: The ‘I Don’t Have Anything To Read’ Reader

How many times have you stared at your bookshelves trying to start reading but found yourself unable to pick up any of the books you own? Because that’s this reader’s main problem. But what else makes them? Let me tell you! 😀

  • can’t decide on a book to read
  • picks up a bunch of different books – none of which appeal to them
  • days/weeks go by before they realize they’re knee-deep in a reading slump
  • buy new books, hoping they’ll finally feel like reading something – which may or may not work

I know I’ll sometimes be tempted to just pick up a new book instead of either of the unread books on my shelves – especially with all the new releases coming out this time of the year! Who doesn’t like new books, right? But guess what, that just means that you have even more to choose from which might make your life a bit more difficult rather than easier. xD

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Were you guys able to find yourself in any/all of these different reader types? Which ones are the ones you identified most with? And does it change often or not at all? Let me know in the comments down below!

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30 thoughts on “5 Types Of Readers // You Know Them, Admire Them or ARE Them!

  1. Oh this is a great post Swetlana! Though I have to say, I don’t know exactly where I stand, the closest thing would be the person reading her book on the train (when miraculously, no one bothers her) haha. Though I could never miss my stop, I am way too stressed out to ever miss it (and if I do I’m in Switzerland so nope not happening hahahaha). But the “don’t close their books until they absolutely need to” is a big YES for me hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh I’m definitely the “It’s the weekend!!!” reader. I used to be night reader, but I always got so exhausted and cranky during the day, it’s not pleasant xD Since then, I ban night reading and always try to squeeze in as much reading time as possible during the weekends.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m a mix of the binge reader and always needs sleep reader. I read at night and I’m such an introvert so I wake recharged even though I wake tired LOL. It’s like I need that time and space to read and be alone to feel like a human again

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m definitely the reader that needs to sleep! I used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, but then I had kids. Kids mean you need even more sleep but somehow get even less, so for awhile I wasn’t able to read much of anything. It’s getting better now, though I still have to squeeze my reading in late at night with a hot beverage. Coffee is usually my morning drink, while tea is my nighttime. I get in the habit of wanting to finish books at night, but then I get very little sleep. It’s like I win, but I also lose…

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG I love this post! I’m definitely the “Shit Did I Miss My Stop?!” reader. I do most of my reading on my way to work on the train, so I want to squeeze in as much as possible. I’ve pretty much perfected knowing whether I can quickly finish a chapter or section before I reach my stop. But I also listen to audiobooks when I walk before and after I take the train, so it’s a pretty constant process!

    Strangely enough, I rarely read on the weekend. I like to use my days off to watch things that I never get around to watching during the week, or doing errands, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is awesome!!! Yeah, I’m all five, and also the smash-into-a-pole-because-I-was-too-busy-reading-while-walking type of reader:)
    And the fifth one relates to me the most because– I’ve read everything I want to!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m super late with my comments, but here I am to tell you that I loved this post! 💗 I definitely saw myself in Type 1 and 2 😂 Due to being an evening reader I always go to bed too late, because I get sucked into the book (and here is where Type 1 comes in) and cannot stop reading, as I. must. continue. That results in me not getting enough sleep or sleeping in too late 😅 However, I also had the case one time where I was freaking out about having missed my stop (on the train though), but gladly that was not the case 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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