Decorate With Me For Christmas // Blogmas Day 3

It’s blogmas day 3 and today, we’ll talk one of my absolutely favorite things about the holiday season: decorating! 

For years, I’ve been the annoying child who asks about when we can decorate already (back when I still lived at home) and I did it repeatedly. To me, there’s no such thing as too early. In fact, this year I put up my tree on November 20th. I basically just waited for my birthday to pass and then it was time to get started. xD 

But here’s the thing. Before you can get to decorating, you obviously have to clean your space, dust everything, etc. Which is exactly why it took me a bit longer to actually put up the rest of my decorations. xD But I finally got it done and now it’s all nice and Christmas-y in my apartment and I love it. So much. 

How about we take a quick look at the decorative items I have up year round that I just add some more festive touches to come December.

This is probably one of my favorite items of decoration in my entire apartment and it’s a more recent addition too that has also been featured in a ton of Instagram pictures. xD 

I just put it on top of my small bookcase and get to see it whenever I step through my door. And while I used to think that it was already pretty full of items – wait until you see the Christmas-y version of this. xD

Up next, we have this little vase I got around when I first moved in here that has some decorative sand and some lights in it. This is up year round and if I feel like it, I’ll turn on those lights though usually they just stay off until around Christmas when I want all the lights. xD 

And here’s the thing when it comes to decorations: make sure you use what you already have and just add to it. If you’re just starting out and are on a budget, shop at Dollar Tree/Poundland (Action/Tedi for any of my fellow Germanys reading this, though it might almost be too late at this point) or any other store that has decorations for cheap. And as with books, build up your collection slowly! I used mainly last year’s decorations and only bought some more ornaments because my cousin gave me a fake Christmas tree that needed decorations. 

Here’s another vase filled with decorative sand, some lights (you can barely see them here, sorry) and those balls of different forms that make regular appearances on my bookstagram account too. 

And once again, I’ve had those items for almost as long as I’ve lived here and they’ve held up great. All I have to do is exchange the batteries here and there if/when I use the lights regularly!

That’s all the decorations I usually have up in my apartment and it’s enough for me. It’ll probably change over the years as I buy more and more things but for now, I’m quite happy. But! We’re here to take a look at what my place looks like right now, right? 

But before we do that, let’s quickly check in with all the decorations we already have that we can work with. I just got my little box out of my closet and spread it all out to see what I’m working with. 

Most of what you see there is from last year, actually. The only things I added are the Christmas tree lights on the right, the box of glittery ornaments (in the center of the picture) and the gold tinsel type thing on the left. And that cost me 10โ‚ฌ (and included all the ornaments you’ll see on my tree in a bit).

Hands down one of my favorite things to decorate was the tray right by my door and as you can see, I kind of went all out there. xD 

I still had the lights around my apartment but wasn’t using them and since they were quite small and not as in your face, they worked perfectly right here. I then also added some ornaments (and then some more, and some more still) and played around with their placement – I found taking a picture really helped me figure out where I wanted what to go, by the way. That’s probably the piece I’m the proudest of. xD

Here’s the next little vase that I filled with different colored ornaments to make it more festive. These are actually the same kind of lights as above and I love them so much. 

And again, when decorating or filling with vases with ornaments, just play around with where you place what, take a step back and if needed, send a picture to a friend/sibling who loves decorating as much to get a second opinion. I’m always texting with my sisters anyways so getting their opinion while I was decorating was a given. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you guys saw my very first blogmas post of 2018 you’re probably already familiar with this little bit of decorations that I’ve got going on in my living room. 

I made some fun and kid-friendly ornaments that I put up on the wall and added a little Christmas countdown to the mix (I’m that person, yes).

Overall, this might be my favorite little corner in my entire apartment because it’s just fun and features some handmade decorations!

This little vase actually got a bit more color than the one before but that’s also because I have that tealight glass in my bedroom that is almost the same deep purple color so it was nice to pick that up in the ornaments too. 

And as you might be able to tell, the batteries are almost dead in this set of lights but don’t worry – I’ve exchanged them since taking this picture! I’d accidentally bought a size too small in my batteries (because I knew I needed new ones, I just wasn’t sure on the size) so I had to make do when taking these pictures. 

The one room that kind of didn’t get quite as festive is my kitchen. I just don’t spend that much time in there and don’t need it to be as festive as other rooms. 

But this was a nice little touch to brighten the place up – who knows, maybe I’ll add more years down the line. For now, that’s all my poor kitchen gets. xD

And now, it is time for my favorite part of Christmas: the tree. Mine is a small, fake one but I adore it with all my heart. It makes my bedroom so cozy at night and I keep staring at it whenever I walk into my room. xD And yes, I keep the Christmas tree in my bedroom. It’s where I usually spend most of my time and I obviously want to get as much out of the tree as humanly possible. xD

Even when I still lived at home, I’d usually be the one to put the ornaments on the tree because I just love playing around with the placing of them – you don’t want to know how many ornaments I’ve moved around since putting this tree up because they weren’t in the perfect spot just yet. xD

When I first bought the ornaments that you can see all over this tree I wasn’t sure if my set would be enough or if I’d needed to get another one (maybe something to add a pop of color) but I think the tree is filled plenty. 

Sure, I could’ve gone with the Pinterest version of a tree but that felt like it would be too much for a tree of this size. On a huge one though? I want to give it a try one day! 

The only complaint I have with some of the ornaments is that I have glitter all over my apartment floors. All over. And it seems to be impossible to get rid of them. I’ll probably still have it months down the line. xD

Do you guys ever think that a blog post won’t turn out that long but in the end you’ve written so much? Because that’s this post, apparently. xD Honestly, I didn’t think I’d have this much to say about decorating for Christmas but here we are.

Have you guys started decorating already? If not, when do you usually do it? But also, is your tree up yet??? And how do you/your family usually go about decorating it? I’m so curious to hear what it’s like in different countries/families! I’ll be in the comments waiting to chat with you guys!

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8 thoughts on “Decorate With Me For Christmas // Blogmas Day 3

  1. Ooh, your tree is so pretty!

    My family usually decorates around the 1st of December, and we don’t put up a ton. We have some fun, more kid friendly decorations, that didn’t go up this year because we’ve sort of outgrown them (we’re talking singing Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, that sort of stuff) and we’re leaving to see family soon.

    And then we have this fake tree (that is somehow still surviving despite the fact that it sheds a million needles every year…) and it’s really over decorated with a ton of ornaments, ranging from nice ones, to cute Santas and candy canes, to a HP themed one, to random robots and silly stuff like that. It’s very full and cluttered, which sort of drives me crazy, but also has a lot of nostalgia tied up in in soooo… I don’t complain too much. Especially since I finally convinced my brother to throw out the REALLY bad ones that I made when I was little.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is fun for sure! And lol I’m Canadian sooo… close ๐Ÿ˜‚ And yeah my mum was 100% on my side because some of them are REALLY bad, but my brother is impossible. It was a major achievement lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love decorating and I loved seeing how you decorated your flat! ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽ„ I’m always the one itching to put up the decorations as well, as I really want everything to be festive as soon as possible! I sadly don’t have a tree in my flat as I will be spending the holidays at my parent’s but I did put up a very small deco tree that sits on my bookshelf, so that’s nice too ๐Ÿ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See, I’d probably still have put up a tree (I have a fake one from Tedi) to enjoy before I’d left to visit family because I just NEED that tree around Christmas. xD I didn’t have one for the first two Christmases that I spend in my apartment (like, the time leading up, I’m always at my parents’ for the 24th and 25th) and I MISSED having a tree.

      Liked by 1 person

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