Bloggers Recommend Their Favorite Books Part 2 // Blogmas Day 17

Hello and happy Monday you guys! I feel like I kind of should explain where on earth I went for the past week as I just stopped posting all together. But I basically got a cold and the last thing I wanted to do was stare at my screen and write posts – the most I got done was binge stuff on Netflix or YouTube. 

I’ll probably post the things I missed last week after Christmas (minus the festive content) because I did really like what I have planned and don’t want anything to go to waste! I hope you guys are excited to still get the content – even if it’s after blogmas wraps. 

For today’s post and to start blogmas back up, I thought I’d share the second round of blogger recommended books to ease myself back into writing posts and stuff. I’ve had A Weekend. I need to start slowly. xD 

Ann-Eliza & Carmen at YA Wednesdays Recommend:

When we picked up Sadie for book club we knew very little about the premise. ‘Girl’s sister goes missing. Law enforcement fails. Girl goes vigilante’, or something like that. We did not expect the intensity of the back story. We did not expect to slip into Sadie’s life so seamlessly. We did not expect to feel the rage and frustration right along with her. But we did. And in a BIG way!

For teenage Haitian immigrant Fabiola Toussaint, America promises to be the land of opportunity. But from the moment Fabiola touches U.S. soil, things don’t go as planned. Ibi Zoboi captures the best and worst of the America dream in this gut-wrenching book.

This book is going to mean so much to so many teens. GORGEOUS characterization and growth, BEAUTIFUL love story, the way Tahereh captures what it feels like to be Muslim in America post-9/11. Tahereh just makes you feel like you are present and you are there in the moment and it made this book so hard to put down.

Marie at Drizzle And Hurricane Books Recommends:

Eliza & Her Monsters is one of these books that made me feel seen in a way I’ve never felt before. It brilliantly deals with anxiety and depression, gives a great place to internet friendships and an adorable slow-building romance you will root for. It has everything to love in a contemporary and it’s, so, so,so, beautiful.

This book feels like a love letter to my teens as a boyband fangirl. With an incredible cast of diverse characters, Alice Oseman once again perfectly found the voice to express feelings of passion for a band, but also the feelings on the other side, the pressure of celebrities and its consequences on mental health and more. It’s a brilliant story overall and a must read for sure.

This book is a debut, but reading it, you won’t believe that it is. Compelling from beginning to end, Nothing Left To Burn deals with a toxic relationship and its consequences in a tense climate of fires burning homes, literally. Just like fire, it’s unstoppable, bright and most of it all, unforgettable.

Amy at A Court Of Crowns And Quills Recommends:

Holly Black is the faerie queen and I just adore the worlds she builds! My favorite thing about The Cruel Prince is that it breaks gender-role stereotypes. It also has an enemies-to-lovers romance that I can’t resist.

This is one of my favorite books of 2018. The romance is steamy and the characters are so lovable. This is an own-voices novel about a young professional woman with Asperger’s. I also loved how the author included Southeast Asian Rep which meant so much to me!

This story about an old Hollywood movie star chronicles her hope, survival, and losses. It’s such a powerful and important book. I love the time period and just never wanted it to end!

Naty at Naty’s Bookshelf Recommends:

Most recently, I loved The Psychology of Time Travel, which is a sci-fi about four women scientists who discover time travel and there is also a murder mystery plot! It’s so witty, smart and mind-blowing! I had so much fun reading this book, it was wonderful, and it raised such interesting questions about how time travel would affect daily life and people’s jobs and relationships… really, really cool.

A favorite of a few more years is Americanah, a story about love, ambition, migration, depression, racism. It’s such a well-rounded book! It’s got a romance storyline, but it’s about so much more than that. The writing is so wonderful and Chimamanda’s such an intelligent person, and it shows in her books. It’s one that everyone I know has loved so far – my boyfriend, for example, has a very different reading taste from mine and also gave it 5 stars!

I am a sucker for steampunk (Victorian era with fantasy and/or sci-fi), and my favorite book from this subgenre is the Alchemists of Loom trilogy. Oh my gosh, I love these books so much. The main characters are freaking badass fighters and so smart while also being sweet and caring. The romance is not too much but it’s also PERFECT if you love tension and a bit of a slow-burn. The world building is fantastic, there is so much scheming, the plot is GREAT. I couldn’t stop thinking about this book for weeks, months.

Thank you, again, to Ann-Eliza & Carmen, Marie, Amy and Naty for participating in this blog post and recommending your favorite books to my readers! This post has such a great mix of books that I’ve read, haven’t read yet or haven’t heard too much about and my TBR might just suffer a bit more because of it. xD

I want to hear from you guys! Have you read either of these books? What did you think? And what’s a favorite of yours that you would recommend to everyone? Let me know in the comments down below!

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7 thoughts on “Bloggers Recommend Their Favorite Books Part 2 // Blogmas Day 17

  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog Swetlana, this means so much! ❤ And thank you for all of these great recommendations, too, from everyone! I really need to read Evelyn Hugo as soon as I can, it sounds like such a great book and I've only been hearing praise about it everywhere, so I can't wait 🙂

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  2. So many great Recs! 😍 I really, really want to read Eliza and her Monsters, I was hoping to get it for Christmas last year, but now that Christmas money is on the horizon I might just treat myself 😃 I can also confirm that The Alchemists of Loom is such an underrated, great fantasy book!

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