Recently Read #1: Backlist Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first wrap-up type of post! As you might’ve read in my blogging goals I’ll be doing my wrap-ups differently this year as I’ve grown quite tired of the monthly posts, plus they sometimes don’t give me enough space to talk properly about each book – especially when I read a lot of books during any given month.

So, to make it easier on all of us, I figured I’ll do a wrap-up every 4-5 books or whenever I can group them together under a certain category like I did for today’s post.

Right now, I’m at five books read for the month of January and four of them are backlist titles. I figured it would be best to talk about them in one post and leave the fifth book for my next wrap-up (which may or may not be all about January releases). And now, before this introduction gets any longer and ramblier, let’s just jump in!

The first book I finished this year was the translated copy of Sky In The Deep which I was sent by Harper Collins’ German division for review.

And while I was quite excited about this book and the prospect of a hate to love relationship, Sky In The Deep unfortunately didn’t deliver for me. To me, this book felt unevenly paced and like it was too short to properly develop the story we were told.

I love getting to know characters really well and rooting for them in the circumstances they are in, but that never happened with this particular book, which is unfortunate. The relationship in here? Isn’t something I’ll remember or talk about beyond this wrap-up here and it sucks because I want more hate-to-love dynamics that I can get behind!

The next book I picked up in January was Looking For Alaska and I honestly regret that decision.

I’ve read this book at least once before (though I think it’s been twice but there’s only one reading date for it on Goodreads) and I really loved it back then and I went into this reread with the expectation of loving it again this time too. Well, that’s not what happened. At all.

Miles annoyed me so, so much during this reread and John writing Alaska was putting me off so much too. What is it with some male writers constantly talking about a female character’s body like it’s the only thing that’s important about them? I get that it’s from the perspective of a teenage boy and maybe that’s all they care about but it still annoyed me. A lot.

I honestly wish I hadn’t picked this book up again in 2019 and had just kept it in my memories as a book I adored.

Up next, I got sent Girls Of Paper And Fire from Amanda as she didn’t enjoy it as much as she had hoped and she wanted to give the book a new home. And unlike with so many other books, I actually got to this one rather quickly!

And while this book isn’t groundbreaking or super awesome and something I’ll go back to over and over again, it was still a really good story and I loved that this fantasy novel featured a female/female relationship set in an Asian inspired world. Something else I enjoyed is that there weren’t petty arguments between the girls and instead most of them got along quite well even when they had differences down the line.

For anyone going into this book, I want to make sure you’re aware that this features sexual assault so if that’s something you can’t read you might want to stay away. However, if you want to read it there are resources at the end of the book in case you need them at any point.

And lastly, we’ll talk about the book that I’ve been reading since August. Yes, you read that right. It took me forever to finish Magnus Chase And The Gods Of Asgard – The Ship Of The Dead (my god, that title is a mouthful) because I kept picking up other books instead of just finishing this one.

If you’re thinking it’s because I didn’t enjoy it? You’d be completely wrong. I adore this particular trilogy so much!

Magnus Chase was a fun character to follow, I really liked his friends and the diversity Rick Riordan included in this trilogy. Alex continues to be one of my favorites – right next to Jack. That sword was funnier than I ever expected a sword to be.

I also quite enjoyed the fact that I was more familiar with the mythology featured here as it dealt with Norse mythology which I’ve been introduced to thanks to the Thor movies. Which also made seeing/hearing about certain characters even more fun.

And I think you can read this trilogy without having read all of Rick’s other works. There are some cameos from previous characters but I never felt lost or like I was missing out on something.

Now that we’ve talked about my first four books of 2019, let’s sum this up a bit, shall we? Would I recommend any of them? Yes! The Magnus Chase trilogy for sure but also Girls Of Paper and Fire!

Was I disappointed by any of them? Looking For Alaska! This reread showed me that sometimes it’s best to leave certain books as favorites of the past and not revisit them.

As this post is going up once January has ended, I want to hear about you guys’ reading months! Have you read any books you’d recommend? Were you disappointed by some? What was your highlight? Let me know in the comments down below! And, if you’ve read either of the books I just talked about – how did you feel about them? Let’s discuss!

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13 thoughts on “Recently Read #1: Backlist Edition

  1. I own all of John Green’s books and I’ve been eyeing them lately wondering if I should pass them along to someone younger. I don’t think I’ll enjoy them as much reading them as a young adult as I did when I was a teenager.

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      1. Will Greyson, Will Greyson is the only one I haven’t read either besides Turtles All The Way Down. I read all the others back to back years ago.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I read Girls of Paper and Fire this month as well and I LOVED it! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 And I read Sky in the Deep in December and same… I was disappointed. It was just… sorta boring.

    Also wow I REALLY need to read Magnus Chase… It’s been on my tbr for ages…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The only one of these I’ve actually read myself is Sky in the Deep. I’m sorry it wasn’t as good as you’d maybe hoped, but I definitely agree with you about the romance. There are certain parts of the story I loved; the developed of the main characters relationship with her brother was a highlight for me, but looking back the romance is kind of forgettable. :/
    I still have the Magnus Chase trilogy on my TBR list, but hearing that’s one of the ones you’d recommend has just made me more excited to read it. 🙂
    Great post, and happy reading. ❤️

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