Blogging Struggles: Not Reading Enough

Hello and happy Friday you guys! I hope my fellow Europeans currently suffering from this ridiculous heatwave are doing alright – I know I’ve been hiding from the sun all day because I might’ve gotten a sunburn on Wednesday (mainly because I never learn) and don’t want the sun directly on my body. xD Plus, it was like 37Β°C outside so if I can avoid those temperatures, I will.

But on Wednesday (aka the day I got that nice sunburn) I was hanging out at my parents’ and was able to switch between laying in the sun and being in the ‘pool’ which was much nicer. The best part, however, was the fact that I actually got a good bit of reading done that afternoon. I think I got close to 100 pages which is easily more than what I’ve read most days this month.

I can’t tell you guys if I’m in a reading slump on top of just watching a ton of BTS content (did you think I could get through a post without mentioning them???) but I haven’t really read much yet this month. I’ve finished one book and then I’m currently reading two more books – both books I was certain I’d already be done reading by now and ideally onto their sequels but that hasn’t happened.

And while I’m in the middle of all of this, I saw Isabella of throneofpages on YouTube/Twitter ask if we’re still bloggers/booktubers when we don’t read a lot/enough and I truly felt that because I was having those thoughts too.

Sure, there are so many other bookish things we can talk about on our bookish platforms even when we’re not actively reading new books (and I think it’s healthy to take breaks from reading and just dive head first into something else) but I do find myself thinking that I should be reading more so I have new books I can tell you guys about.

Something that has definitely taken a lot of pressure off me and how much reading I get done is not doing monthly wrap-ups anymore. Since I usually just wait until I’ve read about 5 books to update you guys, I don’t find myself worrying that I’ve only read one book so far for July. Wouldn’t that monthly wrap-up be boring? This way, you guys just recently got a new Recently Read post and I can take all my time to read or not read. No one is going to be expecting anything (not that I think you guys expect me to talk about new books or new-to-me books) which is really nice.

I’ve actually talked about a number of ways to help you guys read more books if you want to or if you’re looking for what might be keeping you from getting more reading done (say, I don’t know, rewatching the same concert footage three times within less than 48 hours – that’s not specific to me, I don’t know what gave you that idea), so if that’s something you think might be helpful to you check out these posts:

Don’t be afraid to just be in whatever reading mood you are in though. If you don’t want to read a book, don’t force yourself. You might end up enjoying a book a lot less because you forced yourself to read it when you weren’t in the mood for it and who does that benefit? Absolutely no one. I took weeks to actually pick up Morning Star (despite being SO stoked for it after the way Golden Son ended) because I didn’t want the way I felt about reading to effect the way I would feel about this book.

Same with the other book I’m reading. There’s more of a deadline there as the sequel comes out on Tuesday (I got sent the ARC) and I said I’d review it during the release week but I don’t want my overall mood to negatively effect a book I’m sure I’m going to enjoy a lot. I think that’s fairer to me, the author and publisher in the end.

I think it’s entirely normal to worry about whether or not we’re getting enough reading done, but I think it’s even more important to make sure you continue to enjoy reading. Don’t put too much pressure on it. You’re still as much of a bookish content creator even if you’re not talking about new books on your platforms.

Take this break from reading new books to talk about all the books you love in even more detail than you might’ve done before! I love watching/reading about someone’s absolute favorite books for different genres or maybe ages. There are so many other bookish things you can do or talk about without reading more books! πŸ™‚

How do you guys feel about this? Do you think there’s a pressure on bookish content creators to read more/a lot of books and to always have new books to talk about? How do you personally deal with that pressure – if you feel it? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Blogging Struggles: Not Reading Enough

  1. I feel that a lot of the pressure to read and post seems to be internalized more than anything else. I personally like keeping it to 3x posts per week but really, I feel that sometimes that is already aiming high. And quite often I see people apologizing when they cannot post every single day… it’s truly baffling to me. I think not even when I was a student I could’ve posted every day!

    I definitely feel a little pressure to keep up with new releases, but I’m slowly learning to ignore that little FOMO voice in my head and pick up what I really want to read.

    What do you think?

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    1. Oh, I definitely agree! It’s not like someone is constantly telling me to read more – the only person doing that is me.

      I have no idea how people can post that often? I often find myself struggling with 3 posts per week especially because I don’t join any of the weekly memes/tags anymore. I’m just not organized enough to keep up with that kind of posting schedule, let’s be honest. xD


  2. I love this post! I definitely have felt the pressure to read more whenever I see that I haven’t kept up a consistent reading schedule. But I totally agree that forcing myself to read something when I’m not interested, just causes the slump to deepen. And I think that not having a wrap up is a wonderful way to relieve some pressure. People are readers if they read, and how many books someone reads a day/week/month/year doesn’t have any impact whether or not someone is a reader!

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  3. Great post, Swetlana! ❀ I always feel a little bit of pressure to keep up with my reading, or else I feel like there is nothing for me to talk about on my blog. This is part of the reason why I took such a long break from doing tags. I hadn't read anything new, so I was using the same books for all my answers! But, I've learned to accept that it's okay if I need to take little breaks from reading, and to just read at whatever pace I feel like doing it at!

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  4. Such a fantastic, well-written discussion! πŸ’— I definitely think that you should always put enjoying books first and not pressure yourself to read just for the sake of it as well! Pressure never works for me in general, so just letting things go and picking up what I’m really in the mood for does the trick πŸ™‚ And I definitely know the feeling of getting obsessed with a thing and only wanting to think about that πŸ˜„

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    1. Thank you, Caro! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading it! ❀

      I can't deal with pressure either. I'll usually keep pushing everything off until the last second and try and do it all at once than. xD Not very healthy but *shrugs*.

      Literally, the same happened in like 2017 when I first discovered the Marvel Netflix shows. I binged everything that had been released and didn't touch a single book during that time. But I think I'm close to the end of obsessively wanting to consume nothing but BTS content. xD

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