Series Crackdown 8.0 TBR // It’s Time To Get Reading Again

Hello and happy Wednesday friends! I’ve decided it’s time I try my hands at a readathon again – especially since I’m slowly picking up books again and reading more so this felt like perferct timing.

I’ve seen Caro participate in this readathon multiple times but I’ve never joined, for some reason. So it was about time to change that. Plus, I feel like I have a number of series I could try and finally knocksome series off my list of unfinished series plus get caught up with some series (aka Red Rising – book 4 is next!).

The Series Crackdown is hosted by Mel over at The Book Moo, make sure you check out her post if you plan on joining too – though you have to hurry, it starts on Friday August 2nd!

I’m honestly the worst person whenever I try and write these types of posts, so please excuse me. xD Here are all the reading prompts for this round of the readathon and you’re allowed to use a book for multiple prompts (which I might end up doing):

Prompt: First Book In A Series & More

I was originally going to pick a different book for this prompt but since I’m already more than halfway through as of me writing this post, I don’t think that’s fair. So, instead I’ve decided it’s time to give Renegades a chance. Yep, I’ll finally attempt to read this book that I’ve only talked about reading since it first came out in 2017. I’m on top of my new releases if you couldn’t tell. xD

This is also going to count for the Recommended By A Friend & Been On Your TBR Forever prompts as it’s a book Caro has told me to read over and over and it’s something she always encourages me to do.

Prompt: Sequel

For this one, I’m kind of unsure whhich book to make count for this prompt. xD I know I want to for sure read two sequels: Iron Gold and The Demon World. And if I remember correctly they also both have a map in them, so I’ll probably just end up deciding on a whim which counts for which prompt and go from there. Look at me making plans. So organized. xD

The Demon World actually comes out the readathon starts and I haven’t read it yet, so this is the perfect motivation and time to get it done.

Prompt: Last Book In A Series

I actually have a few series that I only have one book left to read to complete them, but the problem is that I’m a forgetful human who doesn’t remember the events of the previous books in series. BUT! I finally want to read Wildcard to be almost caught up with all of Marie Lu’s books, plus I have the audiobook for this so I should be able to fly through it, actually.

To be honest, I could probably even squeeze in a reread of Warcross via audiobook before the readathon starts if I wanted to, so we’ll see if that happens too. It’ll all depend on my overall reading mood, I guess.

Prompt: Includes A Map

This one we’ve already discussed, it’ll either be Iron Gold or The Smoke Thieves and I’m stoked for both books! Plus, with Pierce’s books and them being set in space a map of where what is, is quite useful. Especially with the moons of different planets. My knowledge of space SUCKS.

The best part though, if I get Iron Gold read during the readathon I get to read Pierce’s newest book in the series and I don’t know if I should be terrified or excited, but I also need to know what on earth this man has up his sleeve. xD

Prompt: Fantasy

Originally, I was just going to double up The Demon World for this prompt but I’ve also been staring at both Strange The Dreamer and Daughter Of Smoke And Bone recently and wanting to read them, so I’m thinking I’m instead going to pick one of them for this prompt – they can also double for some of the other categories just in case I end up feeling like not reading any of the books I’ve mentioned before. I’m a mood reader and TBRs are usually my worst nightmare. xD

Prompt: TV/Movie Adaptation

I honestly had the hardest time even thinking of a book for this prompt but I finally settled on one: The Vampire Diaries book 1! xD I’ve got quite a few rather big books on my TBR and I don’t know what kind of reading mood I’ll be in for the readathon so I figured having a short book on there would be great. I can’t wait to see how much rage and annoyance this is going to bring out in me. xD

When the show aired on CW I was such a huge fan (Delena was MY SHIP for years) but then the actor playing Damon became more and more of a dick and the actress playing the female lead quit the show after season 6, so I stopped watching too. But the show at least holds a special place in my heart.

Should I be able to read all of these books during the readathon, I’ll be able to fulfill all the prompts and I’ll be one happy reader if I manage to pull that off! Wish me luck, guys! πŸ˜€

There we have it, 6 books I hope to read during the Series Crackdown readathon! Are any of you guys participating too? We can totally buddy up and motivate each other on Twitter or something if you’re interested – I find having a buddy always helps me stay more motivated and on track. πŸ™‚

And if y’all need tips to get through a readathon successfully, check out this post that I wrote a while ago! πŸ˜‰

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11 thoughts on “Series Crackdown 8.0 TBR // It’s Time To Get Reading Again

  1. Ah I’m so happy that you’re joining in with the Readathon, we’ll hopefully have a great time! 😍 Is that Renegades I spy? πŸ˜‰ I’m of course very happy that you’ve put it on your Readathon TBR, because I love it so much and would love to chat with you about it πŸ’• I’m also interested to see what you think about Wildcard, hopefully you’ll like it! πŸ™‚ Ohhh Vampire Diaries, I loved that show too (Delena was also my ship back then!), but I think I quit around Season 5 😦 I even read the book ages ago, but I barely remember anything about it πŸ˜‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Renegades is going to be my last read for the readathon, I think! I still have about 300~ pages left of Strange The Dreamer but then it’s finally time to read Renegades! I’ll make sure to text you any and all reactions. xD But now I’m also curious when/how I’ll get in Wildcard because we’re already almost at the end of this readathon and I still have one more physical book left to go. We’ll see!

      Delena was my everything back when the show first aired. I loved it more than most of my other TV ships. The book wasn’t good at all read now. xD It kept pissing me off. xD You can definitely tell that it’s an older YA novel.

      Liked by 1 person

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