Bookworm Day In The Life – Gilmore Girls Readathon Edition

Hello and happy Wednesday, you guys! As you’re reading this it’s officially going to be day 2 of the Gilmore Girls readathon and I sure hope I’ve actually gotten some reading done by that point.

I don’t know how many of you guys know this but I absolutely love watching reading vlogs (especially when I feel like procrastinating on my own reading) and since the contemporary-a-thon happened just this past week I had so many great videos to watch from people like Melanie and Amy and when I was trying to think of ways to make my blog content readathon related I figured sharing a day in the life would be fun – don’t worry. There won’t be any videos here.

I figured the best way to write this post would be to come in here every couple of hours and let you know what I’ve been up to and hopefully share any reading updates I might have at that point, I haven’t read anything yet and it’s almost 3:30pm my time as I’m starting to write this post. But, I have been productive otherwise so I’m still happy. πŸ™‚

Now, let’s just dive into what my day has been like so far!

10:25am – My Alarm Goes Off

Since I’m not working at the moment (we might get into the why at some point, who knows) I do my best to go to bed and get up at normal hours so I have an alarm set. I used to be an hour earlier but I’ve been going to bed at around 3am or later which means there’s no way I’m waking up at 9:30.

I had a bit of a difficult time for about 5 minutes this morning trying to actually get up until I remembered that I had a new Bring The Soul – The Docu Series episode waiting for me, so I got up and made myself a coffee real quick so I could get to that!

Here’s something you should know about me: I need coffee first thing in the morning or I won’t get up and the best motivation to actually get to making the coffee is fun content for me to watch with my coffee (again, shoutout to Melanie and Amy who were such a staple part of my morning routine this past week!).

As soon as I had my coffee, I got back into bed with my laptop to watch said episode. I love watching stuff while in bed on my laptop – I don’t even know what I have a living room for at this point. I wasn’t feeling hungry yet, so I just got caught up on some videos in my YouTube subscription box once I was done with BTS.

12:00pm ~ Time For Some Food

While I used to eat right after getting up while having my coffee, I’ve recently started to actually give myself more time before having something to eat because I’m usually not actually hungry first thing in the morning but I was eating out of habit, for the most part. This morning, I just had some eggs with toast – nothing too spectacular. My breakfast is really quite boring most days because I don’t want to put in time to make it fun.

12:30pm – Collecting My TBR From My Shelf

Once I was done with eating, I figured I might as well grab all of the books I hope to read within the next two weeks and put them on my nightstand to motivate me to reach for a book rather than YouTube whenever I want some form of entertainment.

I got a good stack I think and I really hope I can read them all (and maybe more, readathons will often motivate me to pick up more books after) as I’ll be able to complete my Goodreads challenge soon! And wouldn’t it be fun to finish it before the year was actually over.

Here’s a quick look at the physical books I hope to read and then I also have With The Fire On High by Elizabeth Acevedo on audiobook to keep me company when I’m out and about (if the weather gets nicer, it’s been raining on and off for days now):

After taking too many pictures and sharing on Instagram stories and Twitter, it was finally time to actually get some things done and get my day properly started.

1:38pm – I Trick Myself Into Cleaning

I don’t know about you guys but I tend to have a more difficult time getting myself to start cleaning my place. Once I’m actually doing it, it’s no problem and I’ll get it all done but starting? Always a struggle.

So, when I saw that I had just about 20 minutes until the hour was over, I quickly set an alarm and got to tidying up and would you believe it, even after the alarm went off I continued right on until I was done almost an hour after I got started.

I know that having an unorganized place at times messes with my overall mood and feelings and since I knew I wanted to have a self care night tonight, I figured I might as well start by making sure my surroundings were at a point where they worked towards my overall wellbeing too.

2:45pm – Start Laundry And Get Ready For The Day

Once everything was tidied up and clean, I started a load of laundry and then finally decided to get ready for the day. I’m definitely someone who will stay in their comfortable clothes for as long as possible – especially if I don’t have to leave the house that day.

3:15pm – Procrastinate Reading By Starting This Blog Post

Now that everything was clean and I got ready for the day, you might think I would finally pick up a book, right? I mean, isn’t that what this entire readathon is all about? But no, instead I got caught up on Twitter real quick, played a bit of BTS World and then decided I would get a start on this blog post to make sure I don’t have to write up too much later tonight, especially since I want to publish it at around the time I usually do which is midnight my time. We’ll see how that works out though.

Here’s something else you should know about me: I love BTS. A lot, actually. I’ve been an ARMY for just over three months at this point and it’s been a ton of fun. But also not the best for my reading as I keep finding myself wanting to watch BTS content instead of picking up a book (or Seventeen content, that’s the second band I’m really interested in). However, since my previous readathon experience showed me that I will read if I participate in them, I’m hoping this one will be similar!

Last time I talked about BTS on the blog (here and here) I wasn’t sure who my bias was yet but that has since changed: it’s a tie between Jungkook and Jimin. I love the entire band a lot, but these two just get to me on a different level as the people they’ve shown us and I can’t help but love them that tiny bit more. So yeah, we’ve finally answered the question of who my BTS bias is.

4:30pm – Mom Picks Me Up After Work

While I would usually walk the 20-30 minutes to my parents’ (depending on how quickly I walk that day), it’s been so rainy all day that I asked my mom to pick me up after work.

My sister had just come back from her trip to Greece on Sunday and was coming over to see us all, so obviously I joined too – plus, it meant I didn’t have to make dinner and my kitchen would stay clean, win-win I’m telling you. xD

I helped my mom do a quick tidy up (as she had been at work all day) and then we just hung out until dinner was done (which was delicious, as always) and my sister came by. Here’s the table minus the main dish as it was still on the stove being kept warm when I took this picture:

We ended the visit with some coffee and (store bought) cake which was great. Should I have a second big coffee (my cups are about 400ml) at 7pm? Probably not, but it fits well into the theme of this readathon, doesn’t it? I almost feel like I had to. What is a coffee count of two when we talk about the Gilmore Girls?

7:30pm – Come Home, Start Pamper Routine

I pretty much knew that if I wanted to do a proper pamper routine, I would have to do it right after getting back home or I would get distracted by YouTube or my laptop in general, so that’s what I did first. And it was glorious. I tend to underestimate just how much it actually does for my overall wellbeing to do these little at home spa type of things every now and then. The best part? I had one more vlog from Melanie to keep me company for the last bit of my routine which was fantastic.

9:15pm – Play Some BTS World

Here we all thought I would get into bed and start reading but instead I reached for my phone and played some more of BTS World – I had cards to level up, y’all. But also, this game is so demanding it’s ridiculous. xD And I haven’t even been playing for that long, I think? Maybe a month at this point.

In case any of you are curious, you basically get to play a fictionalized version of BTS’ story from the very beginning and I may have gotten emotional in one of the levels I played today because they used some of their old logs they used to film and upload and they’re all TINY (obviously, it was 6 years ago) and my heart can’t handle that.

So yeah, we’re now pretty much caught up on my day (it’s just after 10pm as I’m writing this) and I think I should finally pick up a book. I might even make it easier on myself and start with the shortest physical book on my TBR just so I have a success relatively soon (maybe finish it once I wake up tomorrow), you know to motivate me to keep going and all that. Motivation is very important.

10:00pm – Time To Cozy Things Up

After procrastinating long enough, I finally decide I want to actually pick up a book but first, I need to make my room cozier. Luckily, I bought new batteries yesterday so I can finally use the lights on my shelf again – it’s a beautiful sight, I’m telling you (you’ll also see in a second).

I turn on the lights on my shelf and the light on my nightstand and put on a BTS piano cover video that’s an hour long – aka a good maount of time to invest in reading. I had stumbled upon it sometime last week and just knew it would be perfect for this readathon as I can’t read if it’s completely silent – I need something playing in the background. Here’s the video I was listening to, in case you’re interested too.

10:25 pm – Start Video & Get To Reading

Now that my room is all cozy, it’s finally time to get to reading! I press play on the YouTube video and start reading Dash & Lily’s Book Of Dares. Right away, I’m kind of annoyed by Dash – why am I so easily irritated by teenage boys in Young Adult novels? Lily on the other hand is super fun and I adore her Christmas loving self a lot, especially since I’m the exact same! I haven’t read too much at this point (I’m 48 pages in) so I can’t give much of an opinion yet, but that’s fine. All I really cared about was getting a start tonight.

I might continue reading more once I finish writing up this post (I already have the next video lined up in case I do want to do more reading while listening to BTS piano covers), as it’s still early enough and I’m not that tired yet. Here’s the look at my shelves I promised:

11:35pm – Finish Blog Post To Go Up On Time

And finally, we’re at the end of my day! I’ll be spending the next bit just finishing up this blog post so I can publish it at midnight – yes, in 25 minutes. xD Let’s hope I can get it done in time. *fingers crossed*

But I honestly had so much fun writing up this post as it’s something I’ve never actually done before and it gave me the motivation I needed to start writing! I want to try and do more posts related to this readathon while it’s happening – there might even be some baking in my future (which would go perfectly with one of the prompts too!) which means I’d share another recipe on the blog! I really hope you guys will be along for the ride for these two weeks and hopefully you’ll enjoy whatever it is I end up posting (as I didn’t really plan ahead).

And with that, that’s the official end of this post! Are any of you guys participating in the Gilmore Girls readathon too? Or any other fun/spooky readathons? What are you reading for them?

And for my fellow Gilmore Girls fans, are any of you also watching episodes of the show while participating? I feel like I saw that there’s a watch-along happening too? I might just continue on with my previously started rewatch to fully emerse myself in all things Gilmore Girls! By the way, who’s your favorite Rory love interest? I’ve always been #TeamJess!

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5 thoughts on “Bookworm Day In The Life – Gilmore Girls Readathon Edition

  1. I love this so much!!! I love reading vlogs during readathons and have been trying to find a way to creatively add them to my blog without actually starting a YouTube channel. This is really fantastic! I tend to procrastinate with reading too and don’t start until late in the evening. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares! I will agree with you that Dash is pretty annoying, he’s so pretentious at times that it’s painful, but he does get less annoying over time πŸ™‚


  3. AH, I LOVE THIS!! I’m a big fan of vlogs and day in the life posts, as I love getting to know what everyone is up to πŸ₯° I really liked following you around for one day and I’d love to see more posts like this in the future πŸ’› I think I have only ever done one reading day in the life post, if you don’t count my 24 Hour Readathon Progress TrackersπŸ˜„


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