2021 TBR: First Quarter Edition

I’m pretty sure that it’s no surprise that I don’t really make detailed TBR plans for myself because I simply do not stick to them. However, the first quarter of 2021 has 3 releases that I just know I will want to read immediately (I’ve budgeted for the books, that’s how series I am about reading them).

What books am I talking about? Well, I’m glad you asked (but also, if you know me/this blog you can probably guess!). But before we get to upcoming releases, let’s talk about some books that are already out that I need to read!

#1 A Sky Beyond The Storm by Sabaa Tahir

I’ve been reading this series since it first came out and I absolutely cannot believe that I will have to say goodbye to this series and characters. And I’m sure Sabaa will make it so I suffer through most of the book. I hope (I really, really do) that there is some happiness for my favorite characters, otherwise I may have to stock up on loads of chocolate. Yep.

But before I dive into this finale, I want to reread the previous three books so all the events (and pain) are fresh in my mind! I’m scared y’all.

#2 The Lost Book Of The White by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

Ah yes, my Shadowhunter Chronicle loving self is showing up this early in this post (and not for the last time either…). Fun! But honestly, if you know me and what books I read you would’ve expected this book to show up. I adore Alec and Magnus with every inch of my heart and I just want all the content with them I can get! Plus, these books are fairly short, so a much quicker read than the other books in this universe.

#3 A Court Of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

Yes, I’m still reading SJM books in 2021. I read Crescent City last year and still absolutely loved Sarah’s writing, which I was glad to discover knowing that this was on the horizon for us. A book I’ve been waiting for for ages now and I can’t believe it’s just over a month away now! I am a sucker for the enemies to lover trope and if Cassian and Nesta aren’t almost the epitome of exactly that, I don’t know who is. I can’t wait to be sucked back into this world and spend more time with Cassian – I’ve missed the idiot, not gonna lie!

#4 Chain Of Iron by Cassandra Clare

I did say that Lost Book Of The White was the first appearance of my Shadowhunter Chronicles trash self and here’s the second: Chain Of Iron! I adored Chain Of Gold last year and absolutely cannot wait to read more about these characters and their journey. It’s no secret that I’m slightly more attached to the characters of The Infernal Devices so this series is a bit closer to my heart than The Dark Artifices. And to make things even more fun and up my alley: there’s a fake marriage in here. Yes, I know.

I’m a sucker for fake dating/marriage stories. Always have been, always will be. Give me this book already! Although, I am really worried with what type of cliffhanger Cassie might leave us after Lord Of Shadows. I don’t trust her.

#5 Rule Of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo

The last book on my list for the first quarter shouldn’t come as a surprise either: Rule Of Wolves! I adore my man Nikolai and I just need, yes need, him to be okay. He may be like one of my top 3 characters of all time and just, he’s been through enough, hasn’t he? Can he get a break and just chill. But also, give me Zoya being a badass. Give me more Nina. Just give me more in general, really.

And even more exciting: hopefully by the time I’m done reading this, we’ll get the Netflix adaptation of Shadow And Bone, so more Grishaverse fun! I’m ready to fall in love with these characters even more and to bow at the throne of the Darkling SIMPLY because he’s played by Ben Barnes.

Right about now is where I start to pray that I’m actually in the mood to read in the upcoming months so I can get to these books (and their prequels, apart from the ACOTAR trilogy) and have a good start to my reading year in 2021. But I also won’t stress myself about this. I’ll read when I feel like it and if I get the books in the mail and I’m not in the mood for whatever reason, that’s fine. I’ll get in the mood and that’s when I’ll read.

What are some books you guys are excited to read this year? I feel like since I haven’t been as active in the blogging/book community for all of 2020 I barely know what fun books are coming out – apart from series I was already invested in, obviously. Share some fun titles in the comments, please! Thank you! πŸ™‚

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9 thoughts on “2021 TBR: First Quarter Edition

  1. I’m also very excited for Rule of Wolves! I cannot wait to see how everything gets tied up, but I’m also nervous as this is already the series finale 😱 I still have to read ACOWAR, but at this point I’m not sure if I have to reread the previous books πŸ˜…

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    1. I refure to reread ACOWAR, so I’ll just dive into the new book and hope I remember enough. xD Or maybe I’ll rewatch some book talks, that usually helps some too! Though, weirdly enough, just yesterday I saw someone say they liked ACOWAR a lot more the second time around so maybe the book isn’t as disappointing as I made it out in my head. xD Did you have any interest in the Cassian & Nesta dynamic tho? Maybe that’ll motivate you to read ACOWAR finally!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Watching some booktalks actually sounds like a really good idea!! I’ll try to get to ACOWAR eventually, I just need to find the right time 😊 I’m definitely curious about the Cassian & Nesta dynamic, especially as the next book will be centered around them πŸ‘€

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