BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag

In one of the most unexpected turn of events, I have recently become BTS trash. My friend, who is a huge BTS fan and has been for years, has been trying to get me into them multiple times but I always said 'no'. I'd seen some videos here and there and knew of them but … Continue reading BTS: Love Yourself Book Tag

The Book Addiction Tag

Can I rant to you guys for a quick second? This blg post almost wouldn't have been posted today either because I was just so angry at it. I'd originally written it all for Monday and only had the intro and outro left to write when I somehow ended up going back to the previous … Continue reading The Book Addiction Tag


Happy Sunday, everyone! Today's post was supposed to be something completely different to celebrate my birthday but my brain just wouldn't come up with 29 different things I loved so I figured I'd just focused on one thing I really love which happens to be the Shadowhunter Chronicles.Β  Emma over at emmmabooks on YouTube recently … Continue reading TAG TIME: TMI vs TID vs TDA