4 Reasons To Reorganize Your Shelves Regularly

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ll get in these random moods to organize all. the. things. All of them. The drawers in my closet, my kitchen (which, my god, does it need reorganizing again), my bathroom and of course – my book shelves.

The space on my shelves is quite limited and I’ve already put books I don’t reach for at all in those big reusable shopping bags and put them away to give myself at least a bit more space.

But then I kind of went on a bit of a book buying binge (or like, binge for me – three books probably isn’t even that much to some people) and I knew I didn’t have any space on my shelves for these books so I needed to do something about it.

And while I was reorganizing my shelves and regretting my decision to do it pretty much immediately (you don’t realize just how many books you have until their stacked out in the open) I also realized a few things that I enjoyed about doing it and figured I’d share them with you guys.

Switching Things Up

As you may have been able to tell from me currently having my fifth blog design up, I am definitely in favor of switching things up and bringing new life to things – especially my shelves. And while I loved having them in rainbow order (it’s just so pretty to look at?) it also made adding new books a bit more difficult within my limited space. I couldn’t just quickly move books a few places down or anything like that. It would be a whole ordeal and definitely wasn’t worth the stress it would put me through.

Plus, I feel like your shelves are more fun to look at or interact with (aka picking out random books to reread random passages or just stroking them from time to time – no, you’re weird if you don’t do that) when they’re organized differently from time to time.

Sorting Through Books

Considering the fact that I have limited shelf space and no way to add more shelves, I like to make sure that the books on them are all books I adore with my whole heart. Like, if someone opened the cabinets and looked into them, I’d want them to be able to see the books that have left some sort of mark on me over the years.

Sometimees, I’ll even bring back books that were previously in my big reusable shopping bags and add them back to my shelves because I feel like rereading them. Nothing ever truly stays in the same place forever.

Passing Books Along To Friends

This is something I’ve only recently done but during my most recent sort out I was also talking to Caro and Sandra and ended up passing along a book to each of them that I no longer wanted as part of my collection. And I ended up getting a whole trilogy from Sandra she no longer wanted. Which was probably the funniest/funnest part of the whole thing because I got to pass along something to two people who are dear friends and hopefully will enjoy the books so much more and give them a great home.

Sure, I didn’t make that much more room by getting three new books while still in the process but it’s a trilogy I’m hoping I’ll end up loving so it’s a definitely a worthy addition.

Cleaning Out Your TBR

I don’t know where you guys keep your unread books but if it’s part of your overall shelves, I think having a look at it and making sure it only holds books you actually want to read is great! I have books that I’m in no rush to read soon which is why I’ve created my ‘Box Of Shame’ – it holds all of my unread books to make sure they don’t take up shelf space.

Plus, you’ve probably just taken quite a bit of stress of your reading by cleaning out your TBR and you can pass those books along too!

How about you guys? Do you enjoy reorganizing your book shelves and is it something you do regularly? Or is it something you’ll leave be as long as possible and instead try to play tetris with every tiny space you’ve got? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to read about your shelf organizing thoughts!

Oh, and if you need some ideas on how you could organize your shelves next – I’ve got you covered! 😉

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18 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Reorganize Your Shelves Regularly

  1. I actually love this idea! I reorganised my bookshelves once every few months and really enjoy doing it – it’s so therapeutic, and it gives me the opportunity to reflect on a book and how much I enjoyed reading it and seeing whether my thoughts on a book have changed over time.
    I used to be a reader who would hoard all my books and keep them just because, but I’ve gotten into the practice of passing them onto friends (though most only wanted big books like HP… GoT…) or selling them! And it’s nice. I make new space for new books and new stories in my life. 🙂

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  2. I love reorganizing – I love the idea of switching things up often! It just makes it difficult when there’s not enough space and it feels like I want to display more books than I have room to display the books in (you know what I mean)
    Normally, I display book sets/special editions with not only gorgeous covers but those I love wholeheartedly too. I tend to want to display books I’ve already more than those that are still on my TBR. Normally, I would read a book, I would fall in love with the book, and would want to own the most gorgeous copy I could find of THE book and proudly display it on my shelf!

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  3. I frequently go on cleaning/organizing binges before giving up halfway! But with my bookshelves it’s a bit different. I did I massive clean up of my shelves about a year or two ago, and that has left some empty shelves for me to slowly fill. I think the fact that I don’t buy very many books helps keep the need to reorganize to a minimum. However, every year or so I feel the need to reorganize. And after this post I kinda want to redo my shelves just for fun! 😊

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    1. Oh yeah, I feel like if I bought a ton of books each month I’d have to reorganize more often and part with more books for sure. xD But my book buying habits might be getting a tiny bit out of hand recently. xD xD

      I’m someone who gets these random organizing moods usually when it’s already too in the day and I can’t actually listen to loud music without annoying my neighbors with it. xD


  4. I’ve been organizing my bookshelf by colour for the last year or so, but every few months (usually after I’ve acquired new books or just made a mess of it) I like to pull them all off and just tidy it up a bit.

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  5. I don’t often do a lot of organizing but my mom does it every few weeks so I tend to get swept in and organize my books. Usually, I do it by genre and author, and by read so my tbr is in one shelf and my read books on another. Personally, I find this super helpful when looking for books to read.

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  6. This makes me realize that I should probably reorganize my bookshelves, as it has been a while since that last happened 😂 I should also probably engage a system to organizing my books, because my current one is “what spines have the same height” xD Thanks again for passing along your books to Sandra and me!! 💗

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