5 Reasons To Read The ACOTAR Trilogy

5 reasons to read acotarI think it’s no surprise to any of you guys that I really love the A Court Of Thorns And Roses trilogy by Sarah J. Maas and since I just finished reading the final book in Feyre and Rhysand’s story I thought it would be fun to share some reasons for you guys to read it too! I don’t know how up to date with series/authors you stay that you aren’t reading so you may or may not have heard that Sarah is writing three more companion novels set in the world of Prythian starting next year, plus two more novellas once those are all released. But Sarah herself has said that this trilogy was Feyre and Rhysand stories and that is over (which I am so sad about!).

No matter if you keep up with authors you don’t read or not, you have probably heard about the lack of diversity or the way minorities are treated in some of Sarah’s books which is obviously something I wish wasn’t a problem with one of my favorite trilogies, but unfortunately it is. But! Sarah did try to improve on the issue of diversity in A Court Of Wings And Ruin – but I can’t speak to how well she handled it, as I am a straight, white woman.

If you decide you can’t support a trilogy for those reasons, that is absolutely understandable and I won’t push this trilogy down your throat! But if you’re still interested in what these books are about, let me give you some reasons why you should read the A Court Of Thorns And Roses trilogy!

Reason #1: The Characters

inner circle
Source: Charlie Bowater

I am honestly so in love with almost every character we meet in this trilogy – some may have taken a bit longer to grow on me (Nesta and Elain), but I still really love them and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them over the course of the story! And before I get into my favorite group of people since the characters from Six Of Crows, I want to talk about Lucien.

The first time I read ACOTAR I liked Tamlin as a character (that has since changed quite a bit), but I loved Lucien! He is snarky, he isn’t afraid of talking back and he was a great friend to Feyre while she was at the Spring Court and Feyre cared a lot about him too. I was a bit worried about where his character was going for a little while, but we’re still good. I love his guy and I hope we learn more about him and his past in one of the upcoming books!

And now, let’s talks Inner Circle! I think I feel in love with this group of people almost immediately! They all have their own personalities and are definitely distinguishable from each other which I sometimes find difficult whenever there is a group of people that is being introduced to the reader. But all of them, Cassian, Azriel, Morrigan and Amren are their own people and have their own stories and motivations. 

Let’s talk about Rhysand! I remember being intrigued by him when I first read ACOTAR but I was still pretty set on Tamlin being a good guy and I wasn’t sure about Rhysand but then I read ACOMAF and I was sold on the guy. I love him with everything I’ve got! He is such a great character with a story to him and I don’t know what to say without spoiling anything for you guys. Just know that I love him a lot.

We can’t forget to talk about Feyre who was such a kick ass character! She was thrown into a world that was utterly new and at the beginning terrifiying to her but she grew so much over the course of the story and the woman that she is by the end is so awesome! She really did go on quite the journey and learned so much about herself and what she wants and more importantly: what she deserves in life!

Reason #2: The Character Dynamics

UnbenanntThe ACOTAR trilogy really gave me some interesting and fun relationships that I am so happy to have! The Inner Circle in itself was such a fun dynamic to witness (if you look at my copies of ACOMAF & ACOWAR you can see just how much I love them – there are TONS of tabbed scenes!) and then to see Feyre thrown into the mix and how they included her and treated her was great too! I also really appreciated the relationships Feyre has with both Mor and Amren!

Seeing Rhysand and Feyre go from where they started off in ACOTAR all the way to ACOWAR was also a fun experience! I loved that they actually communicated with each other and shared things about themselves – including the ugly things. Rhysand is #TeamFeyre from pretty much the start and I loved seeing that develop and change.

As the story continues into ACOWAR we also get to see all of our characters interact with a lot more characters and we get to see them adapt to the new circumstances.

Reason #3: The World Building

Unfortunately for all of us, Feyre is stuck at Tamlin’s manor for the majority of ACOTAR and it really takes us until the next two books to get to see more of the world of Prythian but once we finally do? It’s really stunning! We get to visit multiple courts after which I was ready to pack up my backs and move to one in particular. I am still waiting for someone to come and whisk me away in their strong Illyrian arms (and no, I’m not talking about Rhysand. I want Cassian).

Reason #4: The Magic

Unbenannt1This is a fantasy trilogy, so magic is obviously a big aspect of the story and I really loved that it was specific to the different courts in a lot of ways and I loved seeing it manifested in different characters! We also see characters learn to use their magic which is something I always appreciated! Give me all the training montages! And with magic come all kinds of different creatures and does this trilogy have a good amount of them! Some of them are really quite terrifying and disgusting and I was hoping they would suffer a slow death and other really grew on me the more we saw of them! There’s also this creature in the third book that Cassian is TERRIFIED of which was hilarious to read! 

Reason #5: The Writing And The Story

This is definitely something that is important to me. I love it when an author makes me turn page after page because I need to know what happens next and often it’s a combination of a great story and great writing! I love the addicting kind of writing so much and I feel like Sarah definitely has that kind of writing! I read all of her books within days of recieving them and even stayed up nights just to finish them – sometimes not even realizing I was doing it (Heir Of Fire, I am looking at you). And Sarah’s storytelling and writing have definitely improved over the nine books she has published so far and I can’t wait to see where she is going to go in the future! 

So yes, if you haven’t read this trilogy yet but you are willing to give it a try – I hope I was able to give you a few reasons why you should pick it up! It’s been a couple of days since I finished ACOWAR and I am still thinking about these characters and I honestly can’t wait to be reunited with them soon! I already miss Cassian a lot. The guy seriously grew on me so much – especially during ACOWAR! 

25 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Read The ACOTAR Trilogy

  1. Ahhhhh what a wonderful post! ❤️ I’ve only recently read ACOTAR for the first time but I immediately fell in love with it! And I already knew about Feysand so I was rooting for Rhys from the start! And I lovelovelove the Inner Circle and also Lucien 😍 I’m currently reading ACOWAR and it’s amazing so far!

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    1. Thank you, so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! 😀 I swear, I fell in love with the Inner Circle the moment Cassian and Az show up outside the townhouse and just BITCH about Rhysand. It really didn’t take much more for me to love them!

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  2. Is this in first person??? I feel like it is. XD And haha, I’ve heard about Rhysand and Feyre being together! It sounds like a great ship. XD Are those all your sticky tabs in that booky pic??? 😛 And yeah, the minorities thing. I’m glad she actively tried to change it though.

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    1. Yeah, it is! I often found myself wishing we would’ve at least gotten multiple POVs during ACOWAR because it felt like we missed out on quite some things because we are limited to Feyre’s POV for 99% of the book! And yes, those are all of my sticky tabs! I was sure I would end up with a lot more but surprisingly ACOWAR didn’t give me as much to tab – at least the first time around.

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  3. I finally finished ACOWAR last night! I was so sad when I finished it because I also enjoyed the characters and their interactions with each other. Thank you for all your encouragement to get to it!!! 😀

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    1. YAY, so happy to hear that you enjoyed it! How did the book do for you compared to the rest of the trilogy? The more I think about it, the more I feel like it was missing something and I haven’t quite been able to pinpoint what it is! xD You’re very welcome! 😀

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      1. It was very good but I liked ACOMAF best. Hmmm, I think you’re right but since I just finished it I’ll have to keep thinking about it! I think it didn’t feel like it was the final book until the very end. The first two thirds or so of the book I had to keep reminding myself that we were approaching the end of the series. Maybe since it kinda felt like it was more of the same as ACOMAF? There was new stuff but not nearly as much as I expected.

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        1. Yeah, ACOMAF is my favorite too – by quite a bit, actually! I think if Sarah hadn’t decided to tell more stories set in this world the book might’ve felt more like an ending and I’m sure things might’ve ended differently too.

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  4. I’ve been recommended this series and the Throne of Glass series so many times! I REALLY need to buy these books! They are on the top of my TBR buying list. I have a thing of reading series with books not out though…I get major anxiety…silly, yes. But I can’t help it! Anyways…this post has me even more convinced that I need to go out and buy this books series 🙂 Great post!

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    1. I feel like the Throne Of Glass series is also quite the commitment with a total of 8 books (including the novella bind-up!) so I would probably go for the ACOTAR trilogy and seeing if you enjoy that before venturing into Throne Of Glass! I think I’ve come to like the ACOTAR series a bit more because I have a closer connection to the characters! I hope you enjoy this series whenever you decide to pick it up! And thank you, I’m happy to hear that! 😀

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  5. Hey!

    Nice blog (: I just started mine up and was looking for a few relative friends in the book world! I have a Booktube channel too. Also, There is a giveaway currently going on and I will be posting more as soon as I finish editing a few videos.

    Thanks and I hop you like my blog! :*

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    1. I hope you do end up enjoying it whenever you decide to pick it up! I certainly did and I never really cared too much about what genre I was reading – I just read whatever peaks my interest at the time! 🙂

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    1. Ah, that’s so exciting! You don’t need to read Throne Of Glass first at all – they are two separate stories from each other! 🙂 I hope you end up enjoying the trilogy! 😀 And if you do, make sure to let me know, please!

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  6. I read the first two books of these series and I cannot wait to read the rest of the books. 🙂 The magic, romance, and characters are definitely fantastic. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  7. I’ve just started reading book three! I read book one ages ago before the other two came out and wasn’t that impressed. It was kind of forgettable and average so I didn’t really bother to go out and grab the next one when it was released. Then the third one came out and it was absolutely everywhere! So, I went in and bought the next two books, re-read book one and then pushed myself to read ACOMAF. I absolutely loved it! I was shocked that a sequel could be so much better than the first book – the world, the romance, the characters, everything was
    a million times better. I’m actually starting to understand the Sarah J. Maas hype now. I hope the third book is a great read as well.

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    1. When I first read ACOTAR I pretty much read it in one day and couldn’t stop myself and then I was sad to have to wait a YEAR for ACOMAF. And then that book BLEW ME OUT OF THE WATER. It’s still my absolutely favorite in the trilogy! I hope you end up enjoying ACOWAR! Let me know what you think once you finish it! 🙂

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  8. I really really love Lucien to!!! To be honest I didn’t like acotar plot so much but I have readed it twenty times by now only for him!!!! He is the best!!! I also didn’t like acomaf because he was in only three chapters!!! I hadn’t read acomaf so far, but I will, just to find what will happen between him and Elain!!!


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