Reacting To Popular Books You Guys Won’t Read // Blogmas Day 19

Some of my favorite things to watch/read are popular things people won’t read or watch. We all have things that are hyped so, so much that we just stay away from and while I could tell you about mine, I figured it would be more fun to see which ones you guys stay away from.

As I did for my Unpopular Bookish Opinions post, I tweeted the following and then just waited for the responses to come in:

To be honest, I had expected certain answers that showed up as they tend to be along the lines what a good part of the book community won’t read either so I was prepared for them – but some, kind of hurt. xD

Kelly has quite an interesting list here! I remember when I first joined the book community I put every book on my Goodreads TBR that was popular or talked about a lot, including the Fallen trilogy and Hush Hush series! I had read Twilight previously and watched all the movies because I did jump aboard the vampire train (Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, The Vampire Diaries, etc – I loved them!) when it was super popular years ago (which tells you how old I am).

Throne Of Glass is definitely a book I expected to hear about for this question and I definitely get where you’re coming from, Iris! I’d gotten into Throne Of Glass before reading the ACOTAR trilogy and was already quite hooked on Sarah’s writing style by then – plus, I don’t think it’s a secret how much I just absolutely adore the middle book in that trilogy.

As for Scythe, please read it! It’s a really great series with awesome commentary and something I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did. The romance might be a bit unnecessary but the overall storyline more than makes up for it, in my opinion!

Laurie includes books I haven’t thought about in quite a while (minus Fifth Wave, as I haven’t read that one either) but books I probably wouldn’t read anymore either – I am still bitter about how Allegiant ended. What a waste. And the Mazerunner books are something I won’t touch ever again because the author was involved in some BS a couple of months ago and I don’t want anything to do with him or his work again.

See, with Merline I knew what to expect for the most part so hearing that she won’t read TMI and TID (especially) wasn’t as painful as it would’ve been otherwise. We know I adore the Shadowhunter universe and that I’ve read all the books out there and that TID is one of my all-time favorite series out there.

I keep going back and forth with Vicious, to be honest. Like, I want to read more Victoria Schwab but I also don’t know if I’ll enjoy that particular duology. xD And I have yet to dive into adult fantasy and/or Brandon Sanderson. I haven’t been brave enough yet. xD Please, read Scythe.

Yvonne, I feel the same! Lord Of The Rings feels like such a classic in literature and probably especially adult fantasy but I just have zero motivation to read it? I’ve never seen the movies either and I don’t think I ever will if we’re being honest!

Speaking of replies that hurt – here’s the one that got me the most. xD Ellyn just mentioned one of my all-time favorite books aka Six Of Crows and I just don’t even know what to really say. I feel like everyone needs to read this masterpiece and love these characters as much as I do but I get that we all have different tastes, so. *deep breaths*

Honestly, I did not expect Divergent to get multiple mentions – or mention, for that matter. But Lex also doesn’t want to read Divergent ever and I can understand that!

Oh, that’s quite an interesting one! Is it because of all the hype it got, Amanda? I’m definitely someone who enjoyed the book and am currently looking forward to the sequel so I’m super curious to hear why you won’t read it! 😀

Hahahaha, I love this! That’s quite a list, Kristyn! Harry Potter is definitely on my list too! I read the first book and it just didn’t appeal to me whatsoever! And I already talked about Cassie, LOTR and Divergent so I’ll just skip to John Green. I do still have a couple of books of his that I haven’t read yet but who knows if I’ll actually get to them – I think I might’ve outgrown him/his books.

You’re not an awful reader though! xD There’s too many books, okay? We gotta set priorities!

Damn, Cassie Clare really is quite the popular author that people want to stay away from as Sarah joins Merline and Kristyn! Did you read any of her books previously or is it just something you have no interest in whatsoever?

Thank you guys so, so much for participating in this post by replying to my tweet! It was super fun to read through your answers and see what kind of books you’re staying away from! 😀

And now that we know what books some of my Twitter followers are staying away from, I want to hear from you guys on here too! Are there any (or a million) super popular books you won’t go near? And why – if you want to share?

Let me know in the comments down below and make sure to follow me on Twitter so you can get involved in any future posts like this! I’d love to have you over there!

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22 thoughts on “Reacting To Popular Books You Guys Won’t Read // Blogmas Day 19

  1. Love this post!! I wasn’t super interested in reading the Fallen series, but I found the first four books in great condition at a discount bookstore (they were $1.39 each) and decided I would give it a go. I’ve only read the first book and not gonna lie, it was pretty bad, but I don’t mind a cheesy, passionate romance, and they’re good mindless reads for when I don’t want to think too hard.

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  2. Okay but people not wanting to read Six of Crows HURTS ME.

    But that aside, there’s a few on here that I definitely agree with… I’ve read a few John Green books and have no interest whatsoever in reading his other works. And I tried to read Lord of the Rings but I just couldn’t bring myself to finish… I do plan to watch the movies though…

    You sort of have me wanting to read Scythe again… But I also feel like I ONLY am interested in it because I’m hyped, not because the book itself holds any appeal to me, and I feel like that *maybe* isn’t a good sign for how much I’d end up enjoying it? So I’m sort of dubious… But who knows… I might read it sometime…

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  3. I’m so sad that I missed your Tweet about that 😱 I’m probably never going to read lots of magical realism books tbh, I just know that The Astonishing Color of After and Anna-Marie McLemore’s books won’t be for me, so I don’t feel inclined to try them 😀 But pleeease read Vicious, it was SO good, I immediately adopted all of the characters 💕

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